Indian gov’t to step up to the decoding plate

IndiaAlthough the Indian government’s ability to only decode 40-bit encryption has caused some serious headaches for RIM and carriers over the last couple of months, it sounds like they’re on the way to being able to handle 256-bit standards. BlackBerry messages go through the pipes at 128-bit, which means if the National Security Advisor follows through, standard service will resume. As for the decoding itself, there’s still a lot of talk about outsourcing to third parties, and it’s presumed that the government wouldn’t raise the encryption bar unless they had some way of getting into transmissions.

(via The Economic Times)

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1 Response to “Indian gov’t to step up to the decoding plate”

  1. 1 Ashley Armitt

    I struggle to believe what the Indian Government is doing…

    So are they really going to outsource the decryption to a third party when that third party could well be the persons of wrong doings ???

    I mean, risk mitigation is at Play here, but the consequences could be far worse with the Third Party having access to Government emails.

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