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Engadget’s leak was clearly not happy with just the video, and sent in some crystal-clear pictures of the device, including a rather exposing shot from the rear. Oh my. If you haven’t heard, the BlackBerry Javelin is an upcoming BlackBerry packing most of the goodies of the recently-announced BlackBerry Bold, such as Wi-Fi, GPS, and presumably a gorgeous screen, minus the 3G. Nothing much to say, but dayyyyyim is it lookin’ nice. I’m half-tempted to skip the Bold in favour of this successor to the Curve, but that leather backing has kind of sold me. What do you guys think? Worth waiting for the Javelin, or are you going to pick up a Bold? Is the lack of external microSD hurting anyone?

(via Engadget)

  • Tim N
    I got one of these today and it really is quite a nice bit of kit. Blackberry have up-ed their game on this curver with lots of features etc. Im in UK and got the handset sim free but so far i have done the following

    streamed youtube
    no 3g .
    NEW OS
    No vid cam but very nice 3.2 megpix camera with flash.
    gps with async

    if you have a curve upgrade to this one. Blackberry call it the curve 8900 but carphone warehouse called i the Javelin ??
  • Chanel
  • Charlotte Smith
    From the pics above, it looks cool. How much longer before it comes out, I've got an early 7800 & would love to upgrade to a javelin!
  • noodleduece
    so no streaming?
  • Vagrant Pistol
    IF IT HAS OS4.6 THA I'M WAITING FOR THIS. ITS WAY SMALLER and thinner. the bold looks ay to big for my pockets. Nver did like the 8800 series. They look like a Tv remote better yet, Beta max. lol!
  • maseone

    so all blackberry has to do is put a new case on the curve and it gets everyone excited.


    but it is pretty reminiscent of the curve - minus 3g for cdma users. i like my 8330 for now, that javi will have to do backflips to get me to spend another bunch of cash.

  • blee
    If it has no 3g.. it means I cant waste time on youtube.. :( i like the keyboard tho..
  • DavidB
    The keys strike me too. I like the separation between keys, but without the "ridges" like some many others have I wonder how hard it would be for us fat finger types?
  • Stan Stefano
    I love the Javelin. It's thinner (which is to be expected from a non-3G device) and it has a 3.2 mpx camera - a must have for me.
  • FuturDreamz
    Hey, my stepdad has that camera in the reflection.

    I hink I still prefer the Bold tho, but Not really sure why.
  • Josh Lloyd
    This phone is very pretty!! I love it. Don't care where the SD card is. I have the 8800, and it's great, favorite one yet! BUT, I've always wanted a camera.
  • mgrunhut
    it is the seperated keys that get my attention. I really wonder what the difference will be when keying - between the Bold's keys and the Jsvelin's keys?
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