Rogers BlackBerry 8820 available?


There have been reports that the Wi-Fi-packing BlackBerry 8820 is hitting Canadian carrier Rogers today. There hasn’t been a press release, nor is the device showing up on the online store, but let’s face it, the clandestine BlackBerry launch is Rogers’ forté. Although it might be a little late to the game, the Wi-Fi would fit right into Rogers’ recent UMA service, the Home Calling Zone, which would let you shoot your calls over the internet and save your mobile minutes when you’re at home. The trusty ol’ BlackBerry 8800 is listed as out of stock, which is a pretty good sign that it’s being retired in favour of the newer model. It’s hard to imagine that anyone will bite at the 8820 with the Bold right around the corner, especially if the 8820 has a $349 price tag (on 3 year contract, no less). Any Canadians out there want to swing by their Rogers outlet and see if they’re in?

8 Responses to “Rogers BlackBerry 8820 available?”

  1. 1 Paul

    Nobody in the Lower Mainland has one. I called 6 different places but one rep did say that it was scheduled to arrive on July 15th. Doubt this is true as the others just said End of the Month.

    Clandestine indeed…

  2. 2 Curtis Martin

    They’re in….

  3. 3 kuldeep

    i have it one, let me know, if u want it check ebay type blackberry 8820 rogers

  4. 4 DavidB

    Not everyone is excited for a Bold dude. Camera’s aren’t permitted a lot of places.

  5. 5 Ozzy

    What stores in Toronto have it any ideas would be greatly appreciated

  6. 6 johhnravo

    Hi guys,


    they have unlocked 8820’s for sale, located in Vancouver but i think they ship.

    No contract

    I bought one a month ago and am using it on rogers with no problems,



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