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SugarSync for BlackBerryBetween a BlackBerry, work computer, home desktop, and laptop, it’s easy to get your files scattered in a lot of different places. SugarSync knows this and is trying make it quick and easy to make sure you can always access all of your files. They’ve been kicking around for awhile, and I’ve been testing it out since beta. We talked with the developer about the importance of syncing across desktops and handheld, followed up by high promises of review. Well, here we are and ready to take a good close look at SugarSync.


You can access SugarSync’s utilities across three interfaces: web, desktop app and BlackBerry. All three emulate your standard file structure, showing only the directories that you had chosen to sync up. The desktop and web clients look largely the same. Files uploaded from individual computers are accessible via dropdown menu, complete with custom icons and labels. It’s easy to check your current storage capacity thanks to a meter in the lower-left corner, and your upload/download status in the bottom-right.

The mobile app is fairly bare bones, but lists your photo albums, friends’ files and file archive right there. I’ve loaded up a few gigabytes of files onto SugarSync, and it can be a little tricky finding the stuff you need - a search bar would go a long way to smooth the browsing experience. On that note, the lack of thumbnails for your photo albums makes navigating collections a tad cumbersome. Overall, SugarSync is pretty cleanly laid out, but a few caveats in the mobile functionality jars the experience a bit.

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