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The core idea of SugarSync is solid. Being able to keep consistent files access with minimal hassle is a pitch I can get behind. While the desktop experience is pretty much spot on, I think the mobile app requires a fair bit of work before it can feel just as good.

There are a couple of different pricing brackets available, but it’s all subscription-based. It would be nice to have a fully free account available (maybe 1 GB for life), since it would give users a bit more of a chance to use SugarSync on a longer-term basis, but as is you can grab a 10 GB trial for 45 days. Overall, SugarSync gets an above-average 3.5 hummingbirds out of 5. It’s a cool idea, addresses a serious need, but clunky mobile navigation and potentially sluggish download speeds are a bit of a turn-off for BlackBerry users. Regardless, the desktop apps are great, and are easily worth the cost. Think you could get some use out of it? 45-day 10 GB SugarSync trial here, or hold out for our Weekly Contest on Friday where we’ll be giving away a year’s worth of the 30 GB deal.

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