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SugarSync wins GSMA Award for Innovation

Jun 10, 2008: 

SugarSync wins two innovation awards at the GSMA’s Mobile Innovation Marketplace.

Mobile.BlackBerry.Com offers Euro 2008 updates

Jun 10, 2008: 

Mobile.BlackBerry.Com is offering a way to stay up to date on all Euro 2008 events, so you can either cheer or boo your favorite team.

How will iPhone 3G’s price, Apple’s new business model affect RIM?

Jun 10, 2008: 

Apple is going mass market with iPhone 3G. How will this affect RIM?

Women are buying more smartphones, pink is a factor

Jun 10, 2008: 

The number of women owning smartphones in the last year has doubled. Thank the iPhone and the color pink.

JetBlue buys Verizon’s Airfone biz, to offer in-flight email (but not with BlackBerrys)

Jun 09, 2008: 

Jetblue is bringing email to the airways, but not with your BlackBerry. Soon, my precious, soon…

Mobile use affects sleep in teens, don’t give them a BlackBerry

Jun 09, 2008: 

If you love your child, don’t give them a BlackBerry.

WWDC is today: do you care?

Jun 09, 2008: 

Steve Jobs is going to talk about the iPhone today at WWDC. Will you be listening?

First Real BlackBerry Thunder Pic, Boy Genius Spot On

Jun 09, 2008: 

Boy Genius brings us the first legitimate look of the Verizon BlackBerry Thunder. Look familiar?

Bplay launches new BlackBerry games and themes: Hulk, iBerry 2.0, Guitar Dude and more

Jun 06, 2008: 

Bplay launches new games and themes just in time for the weekend. Our favorite? iBerry 2.0.

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