BlackBerry Thunder to pack Verizon’s visual voicemail

VerizonVerizon’s been gearing up to launch visual voicemail (a la PhoneTag), and it looks like the upcoming touchscreen BlackBerry, the Thunder, is on the launch list. The visual voicemail service is said to be launching in late July to early August, meaning the Thunder would have to be out if it is in fact one of the “affected devices of the initial launch”. This would back up the earlier rumours of a Q3 launch, as well as give us a heads up on some of the services Verizon customers can look forward to on the new BlackBerry.

(via Engadget)

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2 Responses to “BlackBerry Thunder to pack Verizon’s visual voicemail”

  1. 1 abcyesn

    i am having a hard time understandeing a one thing. With the BOLD 9000 to be released after the THUNDER 9500, how come we can see reviews of the BOLD 9000 on youtube? I can’t much find info on neither

  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool


    Quite simple: we jumped the gun on speculation as to when the Thunder is coming out. The most recent guesses seem to point to something in the November timeframe, long after the Bold has come out.

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