eBuddy launches yet another BlackBerry IM

BlackBerry Messenger, gTalk, Yahoo Messenger, AIM… Do we really need another IM app for BlackBerry? Considering how many texts the BlackBerry Nation sends out in a month, I guess the answer is yes.

eBuddy (formerly e-messenger) has launched a beta version of there IM client, which allows you to sink Windows Live, Yahoo! and AIM accounts. Go to get.ebuddy.com/beta to download the free app and tell us what you think. Expect an all encompassing IM review coming from the ‘Cool soon.

(via BlackBerry Sync)

8 Responses to “eBuddy launches yet another BlackBerry IM”

  1. 1 mr.madison

    link no good?

  2. 2 Will

    I have used the eBuddy mobile website for awhile now and liked it, so I downloaded this yesterday and am giving it a shakedown.
    Although it’s a little slow logging you in, the interface is good and seems to work well for a beta. I am thinking that this is going to work well for me!

  3. 3 BlackBerry Cool

    Link now fixed. Blame lazy blogging.

  4. 4 n8dbb

    Tried it last night.

    Here’s my trials of it:

    7:35pm: Download eBuddy OTA.

    7:38pm: During setup, we somehow turned on the “block language”. Now we can’t read any of the menus. Need to fix.

    7:43pm: Can’t figure out how to navigate with boxes. Uninstalling and reinstalling.

    7:48pm: Re-Downloading.

    7:51pm: Setting back up. Choose English this time!

    7:52pm: Enter eBuddy screen-name or register for account. (We registered online while we were waiting on the re-install so we skip).

    7:53p: Add AOL account and log in.

    7:54: Testing

    7:59: Close. Options. Advanced Options. Applications. eBuddy. Delete. Yes.


    On the rank ladder, it falls above Palringo (obviously) and just barely ahead of Ramble.

    JiveTalk or IM+ need to get on it and release a new version. They are the kings.

  5. 5 Chris

    Odd. When clicking on the get.ebuddy.com link on my pc, i see blackberry as an option for the brand of phone. when i go to the link on my BB, the option for BB is not there. Starts with Alcatel then HTC. What happened to the BB option?

  6. 6 Chris

    Nevermind..maybe if i typed BETA at the end of the URL, you wouldnt have had to read my PEBCAK error.

  7. 7 Josh Lloyd

    PC or BB, I can’t get it to install. Even tried hosting it myself, and I get an error every time. I use Jivetalk now, but was looking for something that was more consistent. From what others said, it doesn’t sound like it’s quite ready. Palringo even kinda sux.

  8. 8 datmasuto

    can not chat with offline ID, why?

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