First look at Windows Live for BlackBerry

We told you during WES about RIM’s partnership with Microsoft to bring Windows Live and push Hotmail support to BlackBerry, due out sometime later this summer. However, the eager beavers over at BerryReview have jumped the gun and gotten their hands on two pre-release screenshots.

I have to admit it does look okay, but really, who wants to put a Microsoft product on their BlackBerry? Check out a list of Windows Live feature specs after the jump.

(via BerryReview)

Windows Live Messenger offered with BlackBerry Service
o Fully-branded client experience
o Best-in-class BlackBerry push data performance and reliability
o Picture Messaging
o Emoticons and Avatars support
o Addressbook integration
o Multi-User chats
Windows Live Hotmail access via BIS-E v2.5
o Real-time push delivery
o Branded Hotmail inbox icon
o Automatic Login easy integration support

4 Responses to “First look at Windows Live for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Jason

    Big deal. My wife’s T-Mobile Curve has had Windows Live Messenger on it from day one.

  2. 2 Bell Guy

    Bell Mobility has had Windows Live Messenger on Blackberry’s since last year. This is old news by far.

  3. 3 DavidB

    I too am underwhelmed. Perhaps RIM should put some focus on fixing the abundant problems in the Blackberry development community and less time sucking up to Gates…

  4. 4 Rob

    Perfect! I have been waiting a long time for this on the Rogers Network… How much Data will this use though :(

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