Google Maps updated with transit info

I was greeted from my holiday with an update in my Google Mobile Updater with a notification about a Google Maps update. Lo and behold, BlackBerry Maps on mobile now includes transit directions, complete with fare and stops for over 50 cities across the US and Canada. To be honest, this would be the kicker to get me to switch from BlackBerry Maps to Google Maps. Google was always to data heavy, and BlackBerry Maps did pretty much the same thing, but this is a very nice option for those of us taking the bus, especially in unfamiliar parts of town. Transit has also been built into the browser-based directions search, too, for extra handiness. Check the video of the squeaky-voiced dude for the full run-down, and grab your update over the air from

Thanks Paul!

5 Responses to “Google Maps updated with transit info”

  1. 1 Paul

    Ha that video is awesome Simon. That reminds me of the squeaky voice kid from Simpson’s who says to Mo “Hey mister, I don’t like the sound of your voice!”

  2. 2 Jon

    My 8330 is stuck at 10% loading after the reboot. Anyone else having issues?

  3. 3 Chris in NY

    “Transit routing unavailable in this area”

  4. 4 Chris NY

    Doesn’t work in NY yet…I got “Transit routing unavailable in this area”

  5. 5 Chris B

    Doesn’t work in NY yet? I got “Transit routing unavailable in this area”

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