Weekly Contest: How will iPhone 3G’s price, Apple’s new business model affect RIM?

Due to the great response to this question, we’re going to make it the Weekly Contest. Once again we’ll be offering the one two punch of a free BBCool tee shirt and Magmic’s THK3 to the person with the best comment. Feel free to comment again now that prizes are at stake. Also, try to factor in the Bold launching a mere 4 days after the iPhone (in Canada at least).

Reading this CN article about Apple’s new business model for the iPhone has raised a lot of questions at BBCool HQ. Unlike the release of the original iPhone, Apple is targeting massive consumer sales over carrier revenue. Apple has killed carrier exclusivity per region for the iPhone 3G, and it’s believed that they will only be taking the initial sale price, while operators will then keep 100% of the subscriber fees.

Now, this ‘new’ model in itself isn’t much of a big deal — in fact, it’s pretty much the model that every other handset vendor uses. However, when you factor in the lowered price point (USD$200), cheap unlimited data rates (USD$30, cheap for Canada at least!) and that Apple was able to sell 6 million devices in a year on just a few carriers, you have to wonder how this will affect the Waterloo boys and girls. As hyped as the Apple vs. RIM affair has been, I don’t expect the BlackBerry Bold to be launching for $200, do you?

Post a comment and let us know what you think. Also, for those interested in getting some iPhone love on their BlackBerry, check out Bplay’s slick iBerry 2.0 theme.

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26 Responses to “Weekly Contest: How will iPhone 3G’s price, Apple’s new business model affect RIM?”

  1. 1 Adam

    Reduce the sticker price by $100 and increase monthly data charges by $10 for 2 years. Smart move, but it’s still a price increase over the 2g iPhone.

    See the details here: http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2008/06/09/iphone-3g-the-details-you-never-wanted-to-know/

  2. 2 Roger

    I would love it if that would lower the price of Blackberries…but I doubt it…

  3. 3 suge white

    I don’t think any carrier can as far as phone cost. I don’t think sprints instinct will be $199 either. I myself am seriously thinking of jumping on the iphone bandwagon from my sprint 8830. Now how long is that line gonna be for tickets for my ride july 11?

  4. 4 Burt

    Where is the 4.5 software release for the Curve? If RIM is smart, they’ll start releasing updates for their products more often. The one way to keep the current user base is to prove that you care about them. Getting the new OS and other updates into the *existing* hardware would be a good start!

  5. 5 David Nottingham

    Personally I think RIM would be wise to introduce the bold at $250 or even $300 and throw in an 8 GB card since the BOLD does MORE than the iPhone in many respects (execpt browsing).

  6. 6 Willas

    I think it’s ovious.
    What else can you do with unlimited data and 3G ?
    Downloads of music and videos.
    From where ?
    iTunes of course.
    You know what I ask ?
    Something to connect iPhone to my laptop to watch my movies in a bigger screen. Oh yeah.

  7. 7 supermartin

    You would hope that RIM was waiting for this Apple release to gauge their pricing. Reports of 550 Euros are rediculous for a Bold, especially since $ is made off years of data subscription.
    I think this is a pivotal time for RIM, they must go lower or lose huge marketshare.

  8. 8 Bla1ze

    RIM needs to make and official announcement of the Thunder, they also need to work with Canadian carriers in order to bring unlimited data prices down to be at least on par with US prices of plans, at this point they should also be making an official price point announcement of the Bold that should be on par with the iPhone (not holding my breath), RIM has spent that past few months gaining speed in the consumer market and this will cease with the availability of the 3G iPhone in so many places and the pricepoint that it brings with it. RIM has to comeback with something (though I doubt they will). Either way, i’ll be getting a Bold, iPhone and BlackBerry are on 2 different levels but tell that too the 18-25 yr old with $200+ in his pockets to blow.

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