OS 4.5 for BlackBerry 8330 making the rounds


BlackBerry LogoBlackBerry users have been getting their kicks with leaked test versions of OS 4.5 for some time now, but now those packing the CDMA Curve and the BlackBerry World Edition have a chance to have some fun. OS 4.5’s biggest features are HTML e-mail viewing, over-the-air device upgrades and free/busy calendar lookup, among other things. If you’re the type to live dangerously, you can grab the OS 4.5 for the BlackBerry 8830 here or for the BlackBerry 8330 here. Just keep in mind these are still unreleased and could do some nasty things to your device.

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28 Responses to “OS 4.5 for BlackBerry 8330 making the rounds”

  1. 1 patricia

    When will t-mobile upgrade THEIR system so I can finally see this os in actionwith the html email?

  2. 2 Kevin

    Tried the 8330 download, it went fine. When I click on the installer I get “Error reading setup initialization file”. I check the file, and its only 40mb. Hmm, something is up.

  3. 3 Mojo

    Hey guys… currently in the process of testing the OS 4.5. So far so good. Docs to Go is pretty cool… other than that, haven’t seen much of a difference. I don’t believe that I’ll be able to tell whats up with the HTML viewer until BIS 2.5 comes out. Anyway, there’s a shot by shot blog on my website’s blog page here! I’ll let you know if I figure any thing else out.


  4. 4 Jim

    OK…any idea when a 4.5 iteration will be available for the 8130?

  5. 5 Jason

    Mojo where did you get the 9000 theme?

  6. 6 bpdunsta

    The post says “…BlackBerry World Edition have a chance to have some fun….” I haven’t seen 4.5 for the 8830 posted anywhere. Has anybody else?

  7. 7 Jessica

    What is the secret for installing the device sofware?

  8. 8 Caleb

    Wasn’t 4.5 supposed to support OTA downloads to memory card? Any word on that?

  9. 9 Song

    Jason go check out http://www.eveek.com. They made the Precision L theme with animation effect, and some other eye candy themes.

  10. 10 DavidB

    Hey Kevin, I’ve tried a half dozen times at least and the file download from rapidshare comes in a different size evry time and never the 75MB that rapidshare claims it is. Via Firefox3. I guess I will try internt Exploder tomorrow and see if any better luck. Geez rapidshare sucks, it’s sent me supposedly the exact same file 6 times and different every time (range has been 15MB to 62MB).

  11. 11 Mark

    okay. I downloaded the beta to my Sprint 8330. I can’t seem to get the html to work. Is there something more I need to do? It works fine — Just like 4.3.1 did.

  12. 12 Matt K

    I downloaded it and installed on a Verizon 8830WE and found it to be really slow and clunky. JiveTalk didn’t work, and neither did HTML email, which was the main feature I wanted. I immediately downgraded back to 4.2. I’ll wait until the final release is out there, or might just wind up getting a Thunder when it’s available.

  13. 13 Redd

    Can I use this OS for my 8320 Curve?

  14. 14 Josh O

    OK, I downloaded from download site after 3 attempts. the .exe file ran perfectly on my compute. however it said it installed on my Blackberry 8330 Curve on Sprint. However there is no change on the device at all. It still says its running version the install software had me turn off my desktop manager, but then my phone never showed the connection during the supposed install. How do I get 4.5 from my vista laptop to my Blackberry?

  15. 15 Mojo


    I don’t believe that the html viewer will work until BIS v2.5 comes out (which is supposed to be this weekend). HTML Viewer on 4.5 means nothing without BIS 2.5. I really like having the Docs to Go, and I also got the beta of RepliGo Reader… which is awesome. I have had very few problems running the OS… it seems equally fast and snappy. The only problem we noticed was one of Curves we installed it on had some problems filling out forms on the web… which has since corrected itself.

    Mojo from The GEEK Reports

  16. 16 Tim B

    I installed 4.5 yesterday on my Verizon 8330. For those of you having trouble the trick it to delete the vendor.xml file & restart your computer after you install the software, for some reason the BB manger won’t reconize the avaliable upgrade until then.

    I noticed very few positive differences. HTML Email support doesn’t seem to work. The OTA updates is a cool feature but since there aren’t any available its not useful at this time. Here are a few problems I noticed:

    1) Browser seems less stable, frequently hanging while loading a page.
    2) Browser curser does not allow you to click on a link when it changes from the arrow to the pointing hand. (You have to press the enter key)
    3) I can no longer highlight multiple emails/text with the shift key.
    4) Wireless radio keeps getting stuck on “1X” svc and doesn’t allow data transfer. (browser, VZ Nav, ect)
    5) The sound for my ringing profiles doesn’t work. Vibrate is fine.

    I am now in the process of downgrading back to the previous version because of these issues. luckily that is fairly simple.

  17. 17 Tim B

    Nice, I can highlight again! Here are the instructions to downgrade the software:


  18. 18 Josh O

    OK, I got to load on my Sprint 8330 Curve. 1. loaded 4.5 Desktop then installed the Device upgrade. I have only noticed 2 differences: 1. it says Version in my about screen, and my blackberry browser is slower. Encrypted banking banking sights can take up to 15 to 20 min to load. If I use Opera Mini sights load lightening fast on my EVDO-Rev0 Connection. Biggest disappointment’s was NO Documents 2 go. Does anybody know how to load the Docs 2 go?

  19. 19 Valmore


    I`ve downloaded the software from rapidshare and got a 78.3MB file. Try again to check what file size you get.


  20. 20 Valmore

    Sorry, 71.8 MB is the correct file size.


  21. 21 Josh O

    Solved the issue with Documents to go. It does not immediatly install on the handset device. After initial install you have to go back into the desktop manager 4.5, click on add software, then click on advanced and scroll down until you see Docs to go. click on the items to install and click ok to continue. Takes about 15 min to install. So here is the process for upgrade from 4.3 to 4.5 as I have found it:
    1. Download and install Desktop 4.5 (available on bb site)(30 min)
    2. Download Device from link above (15 - 30) min.
    3. Open executable file. (15 min)
    4. Open Descktop 4.5. it will detect the os upgrade and start firmware install. this process took 1.5 hours.
    5. Go back in to add software and add documents to go. (15 min)

    Total Time for firm ware update was approx. 3 hours.

    The only difference from the loaded BB OS 4.3 and prepackaged Apps paired with BBSmart HTML viewr that I had on my device was Docs to go.

  22. 22 Gregg

    FYI, the first link posted is for the 8830. I was banging my head on the desk for a good 15 minutes over that.


  23. 23 stacey

    Thanks for all the good advice. I successfully put 4.5 on my curve. Now I have a Doc to Go problem. When I edit a doc and try to save I get the message “not enough storage space to perform this action. Please free up some space and try again”. I have very little on this device right now. What is the problem please?

  24. 24 Jason

    There’s a fix for that ‘not enough storage space’ issue on the DataViz website now:


  25. 25 ana

    ok, i downloaded the latest version OS 4.5, and it was downloaded succesfully but nothing happened to my phone. Shouls i restart my computer or do i need to do something else to get the new features innstalled in my phone??? HELP PLEASE!!!

  26. 26 chaunguyen

    blackberry desktop manager

  27. 27 Liliana Alvarez

    Buenas tardes, necesito una asesoria en como configurar mi blackberry curve 8330 cdma, os, como modem a mi laptop, he tratado de hacer la configuracion y nada, ya en movilnet me dieron clave de datos, plan de datos ilimitados para navegar, y mi laptop por nada reconoce el celular como modem, ya esta instalado el desktop manager, ya hice manualmente la configurac en la pc para la sincronizacion, y nada que la conecta. muchos me dicen, que debo bajar desktop cdma, de ser asi, cual es la pagina donde puedo hacerlo, otros me dicen, que quizas es la configuracion de la laptop, pero tengo un pendray de digitel de internet inalambrico y se conecta sin problemas, agradezco toda ayuda que puedan brindarme,muchas gracias de ante mano, si pueden escriban a mi correo anexado o a mi pin 31f27835. saludos

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