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BIS upgraded, but OS 4.5 won’t be until September

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BIS 2.5

So, the aforementioned BlackBerry Internet Service upgrade went through this weekend, but word has it that the matching version 4.5 handheld software won’t be available until September. The biggest kick in the teeth here is the lack of HTML email viewing, but those who have smuggled the early betas of the OS onto their BlackBerry will be able to enjoy the feature on BIS. OS 4.5 will bring some other goodies to the table, like native file downloading in a variety of formats (including audio and video) up to 3 MB and document editing. Integration with AOL and Windows Live won’t require the new OS, and is being offered right now with BIS 2.5. For further features of the new BlackBerry Internet Service, check out this knowledgebase article.

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BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 32

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BlackBerry CoolThe illustrious Mr. Douglas Soltys graces us with his presence this episode, as we run down the week’s news…

All MP3 and no iTunes makes RSS a dull boy.

Also on BerryTunes, for streaming podcasts right to your BlackBerry!

Ringo updates with a bunch of new tunes

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RingoIf chugging through the BlackBerry OS to load up ringtones is too much hassle, Ringo just added a bunch of new ringtones to their app, letting you easily pick and chose up to 50 from a variety of styles for all your incoming alerts. Feeling Christmassy? Load up some “Deck the Halls” in the middle of summer just to confuse passersby. Maybe you get a lot of calls from ex-girlfriends - well, you can group them all together and give them the same dour, foreboding classical tune. Even if you have a specific MP3 you want to load up, like Dumb & Dumber’s “Most Annoying Sound in the World” for the in-laws, Ringo makes it all really easy. Check it out!

‘How Would You Regulate Carrier Power?’ (Weekly Contest!)

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Snidely Whiplash wearing the Rogers Logo

I believe it was Mark Twain BBCool Simon who once said, “If you own the tracks and the trains, you own the passengers.” In Canada, if there was ever a modern day version of the great train barons, it would be the telecoms: 3 year contracts, expensive data plans compared to our U.S. counterparts, lizards selling phones… it’s terrible.

Yesterday Simon had a great interview with Canadian MP David McGuinty, who has introduced a bill to eliminate extraneous wireless costs like data overages and system access fees and unlock all phones. However, we want to do one better and bestow the BlackBerry Nation with the (hypothetical) power to regulate carriers any way you see fit. What will you do?

The person who posts the best comment will win a FREE YEAR-LONG 30G SUBSCRIPTION TO SUGARSYNC and a sweet BLACKBERRY COOL TEE SHIRT.

Click here to see last week’s Weekly Contest winner!

RIMM shares drop, some analysts remain optimistic

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End is nearSo the quarterly results are clearly hurting RIM’s stock, which dove to $116 this morning, but some analysts agree that the mediocre Q1 report is just a calm before the Storm Thunder. A lot of new products are on the way from RIM which demand R&D and marketing dollars now for successful launches later this year, causing many to brush off this quarter’s performance. Of course, the confirmed AT&T delay makes us wonder how much wind the 3G iPhone will take out of the BlackBerry Bold’s sails. What do you guys think? Is this just a slump before the big show, or a sign of the End of Days for RIM? Do lower stock prices make now a perfect time to buy?

New app mutes your camera

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Old Camera Ever feel like your BlackBerry’s camera is a bit dated when it still makes a shutter noise when you take a picture? BerryAnnoying just launched recently, so you can take your pictures without the annoying sound. Sure, RIM should have functions like that already built in, but plenty of software developers get by on that premise.

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