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Vodafone Australia to offer unified communications

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Vodafone, Cisco and RIM are partnering up to bring a unified communications solution called Vodafone Business One for small and medium businesses sometime later this year. In short, this service will allow your your mobile and landline to share a number and voicemail box, as well as enabling enterprise UMA calling for Wi-Fi calls while you’re in the office area. Solutions like this already exist, but it’s cool to see RIM getting directly involved with one. Who knows? In the long run, maybe fixed-mobile convergence will be just another one of RIM’s base services. I guess that would be their Mobile Voice System. For more info, and one helluva flash site, head on over to Vodafone Business One.

SpotJots mixes up GPS and social networking

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SpotJotSpotJots just launched their BlackBerry app today, offering location-based social networking that includes voice, picture, music, video and text sharing. It’s a pretty cool app, plugging into the Google Maps and letting you explore all of the jots folks around the world are posting. If you’re already locked into Facebook, you can not only post your jots there, but also to Blogger or Typepad accounts… oi, no WordPress? C’mon, now. The mobile app also lets you keep tabs on buddies and the jots they’ve been making recently. It’s like a personal, GPS-powered social radar. Hip stuff, now you just have to convince your friends to try it.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Get Connected Fairly Act

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Parliament HillI was going to sit on this one until next week’s podcast, but it was just too good to hold out on. Member of Parliament David McGuinty is heading up a little something called Bill C-555 (a.k.a the Get Connected Fairly Act), which is aiming to eliminate extraneous wireless costs like data overages and system access fees for Canadian consumers and enterprises in the hopes of increasing adoption and overall quality of life. Best part of all? He wants all Canadian mobiles to be unlocked. A noble cause indeed, and one that BBCool is most certainly behind. If you’ve got 13 minutes, it’s always awesome to hear about the Canadian wireless landscape sucking just a little bit less. Go ahead and learn more about Bill C-555 and even sign the petition if you’re north of the border. Fight for your right to MP3, rock the iTunes vote, and viva la RSS.

BerryBUDDY and OtterBox reviews updated

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Things have been pretty hectic with WES over the last couple of months, but we finally managed to catch up on some lingering reviewables around the office today. Both the BerryBUDDY and OtterBox have had to deal with changes in BlackBerry casing, like the bulking of the BlackBerry 8330, and the new camera orientation on the newer BlackBerry Pearl. Check the update to our BerryBUDDY and OtterBox reviews to see how they’ve adapted. If you’re packing a newer Pearl or Curve, these two might be worth your while.

Canadians get 200 Air Miles with their next BlackBerry

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Air MilesNot like you need any more reasons to pick up a BlackBerry Bold when it comes out, but until July 26th., Canadians activating a new BlackBerry will also be entitled to 200 Air Miles, or 500 if you’re getting two devices. Sweet deal! My mum’s taken three trips to Australia from Air Miles alone, so clearly every little bit adds up. Even if you’re not willing to shell out the clams for a BlackBerry 9000, no doubt plenty of other devices will be going on the cheap as a result of the launch. Heck, I hear the BlackBerry 8100 is going for free on Rogers, so why not get 200 Air Miles along with it?

More BlackBerry Bold hands-on impressions

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BlackBerry 9000

Doug’s had his time gushing over the BlackBerry 9000 at WES, and now Engadget’s finally getting some one-on-one time with as well. They’re impressed with the keyboard and snappy response time, but had a few complaints about the theme (which is easily changeable), and the video performance (possibly spoiled by the sheer size of the iPhone’s screen). It’s a good point about video - those of us with the BlackBerry tunnel vision are totally blown away by the Bold’s resolution, but in a broader context, it might not be so hot. Camera quality was ho-hum, but hey, 2 megapixels isn’t that big of a jump, and nobody’s really getting the BlackBerry 9000 to take stellar pictures anyway. Maybe the BlackBerry Javelin will be a different story… Keep an eye out for the BlackBerry Bold sometime mid-August, or early July if you’re outside of the U.S.

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