Viigo launches open beta

The WES build of Project Tango has obviously undergone some work, and now we can try out the next beta of Viigo. Still no love for audio just yet, but we’re sure to see it in the coming weeks as bugs get fixed and features added. What is new, however, is a CFL channel, listing live scores and ticket purchasing via click-to-call for the sports fans out there. A lot of it was built off of the same power in the existing Sports channel, only a bit more focused. The Entertainment channel is packing Bplay goodies right now that link out to the mobile site to help you get your game on. The skeleton of a Stocks channel is there, giving us a glance at what to expect. A future version with graphs, trends and news all built in would be pretty sweet for any financiers out there. Weather and RSS are unchanged, but Sports got a few additions, like the Euro 2008 games that are entrancing footballers worldwide these days.

On the whole, nothing earthbreaking, but it’s certainly good to see those new features gradually materializing. I’d like to see the purchasing system streamlined a bit - if Viigo stored some credit card information linked to your account, one-click downloads and purchases from your BlackBerry could be in the near future. Considering the pace set between WES and now, it seems likely that testing will go right through the summer. Audio will be a huge pull, especially if they can circumvent that 5 meg cap. In any case, grab the latest version of Viigo over the air, and be sure to use the Beta Feedback channel to report any bugs.

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  1. 1 Song

    Could anyone on CURVE be kindly giving us the .jad download URL links of the three free games? my carrier blocks my 8310’s user agent (UA) so that Bplay can’t recongnize what my device is which means I’m not able to download these goodies due to the Bplay redirect action. But I can still OTA them by point my browser to the direct jad download links. thanks in advance.


  2. 2 Chris

    Not sure how related this is but after the reboot from the new Tango install my blackberry doesn’t read the sim card, I placed the sim in another blackberry and it works. Having my curve replaced by T-mobile. Just posting in case someone else has or had the same problem.

  3. 3 Carlos

    I DL’d Tango last night and its working fine on my Tmo Curve.

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