“How Much Do You Love The BlackBerry Nation? Show Us Your BlackBerry Pride!” (Weekly Contest)

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Right now our friends to the south are celebrating their independence, while the Canadian contingent of the BlackBerry Nation is recovering from the celebration of ours. Still, I’m sure the intense summertime revelry hasn’t stopped us from using our beloved BlackBerrys.

So BlackBerry Cool HQ wants you to display your pride for the BlackBerry Nation. Whether it’s an embarrassing story of getting caught using your BlackBerry somewhere you shouldn’t (the shower comes to mind), climbing the Lincoln Memorial to get better wireless reception, or a link to a photo/video displaying your intense love of BlackBerry, we want it.

The person with the best post will win A SWEET BLACKBERRY COOL TEE-SHIRT and a FREE COPY OF MAGMIC’S TEXAS HOLD’EM KING 3: CONNECTED. Everyone have a safe and happy holiday!

LAST WEEK’S WINNER was Aaron, who gave us a four-point plan to control the carriers:

Personally, I’ve not had a problem with my 3 year contract with Rogers. They gave me a subsidized price of $0 on a phone that was worth $299.99 retail. My plan is fine, relatively inexpensive, and I rarely go over.

However, if I were to suggest a few things to the carriers, I would recommend the following things:

1) The same plan to be available on a 3 year, 2 year, 1 year, and 1 month contract signup for new customers.
- You shouldn’t be penalized for signing a contract in a country where you’re not going to stay in. I know carriers have special plans that are only available on a 3 year term, and that feels like it’s cheating the system a bit.

2) Contract Length should dictate the subsidy price on the phone.
- Yeah, if I want to get a free phone, I should sign into a contract with a service.

3) A cancellation fee for breaking the contract should represent the subsidy cost of the phone, and not the potential profits that the company would have received from my potential bill.
- Telus, I’m looking at you. Fuck you for a potential $1200 cancellation fee; No Cap indeed. Bell’s flat rate of $400 is outrageous. Roger’s $20 per month for each month remaining to a max of $400 is still very high.

4) Remove or Incorporate the System Access Fee. “Expanding the Network” crap is tedious. It’s a pure money grab and everybody knows it. Just include the potential profits from that into the price plan and get over it.

That’s about it for now.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful answers!

  • David C.
    I really don't know how my life would be without my blackberry. I sleep with it next to me. It's with me at all times. Including the bathroom!

    I was a work, and had to move my bowels. So I go in the stall, make myself comfortable and begin writing an email with my blackberry.

    Someone came into the bathroom and went into the stall next to me. After a few minutes, I see a a head appear under the stall wall. It was one of the guys from purchasing.

    He heard the clicking of the keys and thought there was a mouse in the stall next to him scratching at something.

    Of course was a little weirded out. The dude peeked in on my while taking a crap.

    After was all said and done, he went out telling people what happened. He was more disturbed that I was composing an email while on the can with my blackberry than actually see another person trying to move their bowels.

    Multitasking at its best! Gotta love it.
  • addictedtoBB
    Oh, and it was a 3 year relationship!
  • addictedtoBB
    My boyfriend gave me an ultimatum...him or the Blackberry. He's moving out next week. He must be insane to think I would ever give up my 8830WE!! Bye Bye boyfriend!!
  • Aaron
    Yay! I'm going to rock out with that t-shirt.
  • Bill
    My wife would tell you I am "IN LOVE" with my Blackberry!! I am in sales and construction project management and this device has completely changed how I do business. I am accessible whenever a client or potential client needs to contact me (you know...or a friend...as if). I find this to be extremely helpful and could never imagine a time "Before Blackberry".I know I am not alone (welcome all) I think are addicted to these devices, the technology, and the lifestyle they have help us develop should start referring to events "Before Blackberry" as BB. Example: I was born in 1966 or 31 BB. The modern Blackberry was released in 2002 and might be considered the "Rebirth" by some as push-email,messaging,web browsing, etc. were incorporated. We might refer to this rebirth as "RB" (OK...not that creative.... I need some help here!!!). Today's date would then be July 5th 6 RB... Let me know...I believe as things trend towards completing the task of total dominance of RIM in all thing regarding telecommunication, information and technology, we can make this happen!!! Perhaps we could get a Canadian spokesperson "Dr. Evil...er Mike Myers" to demand " One BILLION Blackberrys" or world chaos might be eminent?
  • Susan Chappel
    I love my Blackberry. It's become a very important part of my life. I have friends/customers who are deployed toIraq/Afghanistan, and keeping in touch with them has been so important. With WorldMate Live, I can see the times there compared to home, and when I am emailed at three am, I know it's noon, but I'm able to email back in real time to show my support of our military! I use my Blackberry as my MP3 (in place of my iPod), my phone, my email, my navigation thanks to Telenav (which has saved me many times in the city!), texting, "pinning", and even messengering.
  • Josh Lloyd
    Last weekend, my fiance & I headed to a friend's wedding an hour away. I didn't know the directions, just an address, & with just enough time to make it. That day, BlackBerry BIS decided to have outages on & off all day. I was 20 min late & completely missed the whole ceremony! It started working again as I pulled out of the church parking lot.
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