NTT DoCoMo launching BIS in Japan

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Japan had been struggling with language support issues and BlackBerry, but now that the BlackBerry 8703 will be available on BIS for ¥ 3,045 or about $US 30, it looks like the brand is getting some traction. The BlackBerry Internet Service will be available August 1st. to customers who don’t have a corporate server handy, which opens up the market considerably. While the 8703 has most of the same guts as the newer models, it’s still distinctly lacking their good looks and style. It goes without saying that Japan will have some pretty stiff competition in wireless, so if RIM means business there, they might have to fast track the device catalog to catch up.

(Far East Gizmos via Rimarkable)

  • Makoto
    How can I use email by this? Does 8703 support email function without corporate server?
  • FuturDreamz
    the Bold has wcdma, correct?
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