What some people are willing to do for an iPhone 3G

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“I waited in line for 15 hours and all I got were unicorns and this lousy tee shirt!”

Some of you might not know about QuicklyBored, our sister site that covers all things mobile entertainment. Yesterday, QB Editor in Chief, Kyle McInnes, stayed up all night in line to buy an iPhone 3G, braving a storm that hit the Ottawa area, only to come back to work and blog about it. We’d like to give props to our resident Apple fanboy co-worker by pointing you to some of the more interesting pieces of content about his journey.

Buying an iPhone 3G - A Night to Remember
Kyle Goes Insane on Twitter
iPhone 3G Unboxing Pictures

But don’t worry, we still know how our bread is buttered. Check out a little bit of (humorous) BlackBerry love after the jump.

  • nan
    Is it not cool to sleep with your Berry?
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