Conclusions from selling an application on BlackBerry App World



Although this is my first post for BlackBerry Cool, let me start by saying, “This is not my first rodeo!” My company REGARD is the longest standing BlackBerry partner dating back to 1998 when BlackBerry was still a seasonal fruit. Over the past dozen years, there are few products or services in the BlackBerry business ecosystem that we haven’t sold or at least tried selling. In the late 90’s, we configured farms of desktop redirectors before BES, Lotus Notes to Exchange connectors, installations, massive deployment projects, upgrades, BES Admin & Help Desk training, colored holsters, accessories, T-support, R-Support, BES licenses, CAL licenses, email & BES hosting, custom app development, 3rd party apps…you name it…REGARD has been there and done that!

In some cases, we sold products because there was a need and RIM had not yet come up with a solutions. In other cases, we sold competitive products because RIM dropped the ball. Which brings me to the BlackBerry App World!

It is no secret that the latest tech Gold Rush is “mobile apps!” Being an opportunist, and having one of the best BlackBerry app development teams in the business, REGARD quickly developed version 1.0 of a wine vintage lookup app to sell up on the new BlackBerry App World.
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Cocky Culture themes 50% off for the next three days



It’s that time of year, the deals just keep coming. Today Cocky Culture are having a special promotion where all their themes are 50% off today through Friday (November 27th).

To take advantage of this deal, use the coupon code 3d50off for any Cocky Culture theme.


BlackBerry Master Control Program released


BlackBerry Master Control is an app that sits on your PC and allows you to take screenshots, set the device time, turn the radio/on off, recover memory, gather information, view/clear event logs, display modules, gather module information, create ALX/JAD files, backup and restore third party applications, (Advanced) handheld wipe (all 3 types), factory reset, load, save and erase modules. The application also lets you keep multiple OSs on your PC, whereas RIM says you need to delete them before installing a new one.

The latest version includes changes such as:

  • MCP now supports Java Loader 5.0.0 Beta 5 (JDE).
  • Stand alone EXE now downloads the correct Java Loader EXE (5.0 Beta 5)
  • Stand alone EXE now downloads the correct images
  • Note: Existing users: close MCP, delete the images and icons folders, run mcp.exe again
  • Updated MCP Help
  • Added MCP FAX
  • To download the latest MCP, visit their download page. RIM BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0 or higher is required.


    Great deals from Twinkler, Toysoft, Fabian Heuwieser and Trimax84


    Some great developers have got together to announce some huge sales. Twinkler, Toysoft, Fabian Heuwieser and Trimax84 Themes are selling 61 apps at discount prices so be sure to check it out and see if there is something you like.

    Starting today and going through Sunday (November 30th), all apps will be 50% off. You can buy as many as you want and the same deal applies.

    To take advantage of these deals, use the following coupon codes:

    Fabian Heuwieser – Coupon BFFH
    Twinkler Software – Coupon BFTW
    ToySoft – Coupon BFTS
    Trimax84 Themes – Coupon BFTR
    Click through for more about these deals from some leading developers


    Bplay launch their 7 Days of Deals campaign


    Bplay is having a Thanksgiving Deal of the Day promotion where they’ll be discounting themes/games and giving some BOGO deals.

    The “7 Days of Deals” promotion will run from November 25th through December 1st. A different promotion will be offered each day, with each deal remaining active until 8 AM the next day.

    Take a look at today’s deal and be sure to check back because there’s lots of great stuff for cheap:

    Day 1: November 25: Buy EA SPORTS Madden NFL 10 and get Space Slideshow for FREE!


    Official eBay app now available in App World


    RIM and eBay have launched a beta version of the official eBay app for BlackBerry. The app was discussed back at the BlackBerry Developer Conference, and is now available for you to try.

    The eBay app gives you the ability to buy, pay, and check ebay activity from your BlackBerry. The coolest part of this app is that it pushes status notifications of eBay listings in real-time, to let you know if you’ve won a bid, you’re being outbid, or a listing on your Watch List is ending soon.

    Other features include:

    • Add to Calendar – Users can add the end time and reminders for auctions to their calendar.
    • Payments – Users with a PayPal account can purchase directly through the application.
    • Search by Location – Buyers can specify their search for items up to 1,200 miles from their home location.

    The eBay app is available in App World.


    Klausner Technologies sues RIM over Visual Voicemail


    RIM is faced with another patent lawsuit, this time it’s Judah Klausner of Klausner Technologies. The inventor has filed suit against both Motorola and RIM, claiming infringement on patents related to visual voicemail. Klausner seems to be suing RIM with patents pertaining to the Bold 9700, which is getting visual voicemail with T-Mobile but apparently isn’t paying the license agreements that previous devices have paid. Klausner has won settlements in the past, so he might have the cash to fight it out with RIM. We’ll see how this one plays out.


    Save battery life and manage WiFi connections with WiFi Hero


    Twinkler Software have released a pretty cool application that controls the WiFi status and saves battery power. It works by remembering the location of your WiFi hotspots, so you can leave WiFi off and save battery. When you enter the WiFi zone, WiFi Hero will boot up your WiFi connection and connect you. It also has 2 other modes for changing your WiFi status including screen and charging status.

    1. Location Based. In this mode, WiFi Hero will automatically learn the location of the WiFi Hotspot you are currently connected to, and when WiFi is not connected (you are out of range of this Hotspot), WiFi Hero will automatically turn off WiFi - and when you come back to the same Hotspot location, it will automatically turn on WiFi.

    2. Screen Status. In this mode, WiFi Hero will automatically turn on WiFi when the screen is on and automatically turn off WiFi when the screen is off - making this very useful when you use your Blackberry to browse the web.

    3. Charging Status. In this mode, WiFi Hero will automatically turn on WiFi when the device is on charge, and automatically turn off WiFi when device is not charging and on battery power.

    WiFi Hero is $4.99 and there does seem to be a free trial available.


    Google Apps Connector for BES updated to version 1.5


    Google Apps Connector gives those on a BES, the full Google Apps experience but imbued with power of the BES and RIM’s Push technology. The service has today been updated to version 1.5, and they have included:

    • Support for more devices. Large businesses can support 500 BlackBerry devices per server, double the previous number.
    • The Apps Connector now supports BlackBerry Professional Software.
    • A single BlackBerry Enterprise Server to serve users in multiple Google Apps domains.

    Stay tuned because Google will have more updates to come.


    BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 now available for download


    It’s pretty normal for RIM to announce something before it’s available but I thought it would be better to ignore the embargo time of 10AM EST and wait until Media Sync 3.0 was available and I can tell you to go download it. While the official download time is noon EST, I’ve been getting emails saying you can actually go right now and download it.

    The latest BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 adds 2-way photo sync with your PC via files and folders. The latest version is all about making the experience more user friendly and simple, which they have definitely done.

    Here is a quick summary of the latest update:
    Click through for more about BlackBerry Media Sync 3