1.9% of iPhone shoppers are BlackBerry traitors

A survey by UBS Investment Research of 100-odd US iPhone buyers last weekend revealed that of the five BlackBerry owners there, only two would be making the full switch. That number went up slightly in the UK, to 3.6%. This might be good news for RIM, since they’re clearly not losing customers, but it also goes to show how much of the market Apple is penetrating with their recently-launched iPhone 3G. That being said, it could easily be paving the way for the touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder when it comes out later this year. One way or the other, the RIM stance of a mutually exclusive customer base could turn out to be true after all.

“Although our sample size was limited (relative to the global launch), we believe these results give a decent indication for the market share obtained by the iPhone on Day 1…,” [UBS' Jeffrey Fan] said. “As it relates to RIM, the survey results are consistent with our view that the BlackBerry user base today largely differs from the iPhone user base.”

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  1. 1 JonV

    Sad, sad, users. They will be back, don’t worry. They will miss us. :)

  2. 2 Josh

    Can someone explain the math involved here? First, you should point out that 106 people were surveyed, which explains why it is 1.9% and not 2%.

    Secondly, as far as I can tell, it should be phrased “1.9% of phone users are switching from the Blackberry to the iPhone 3G.” or, more to the point, “40% of Blackberry users are switching to the iPhone 3G.” If 2 of 5 (consumer - according to the survey) Blackberry users are switching to the iPhone 3G RIM has a bit more to worry about than 1.9%.

  3. 3 Simon Sage

    Thanks for pointing that out, Josh. It’s not quite that those 5 users represent all BlackBerry users, they’re just the overlapping market. Even then, the majority of that overlap will keep both BlackBerry and iPhone tucked away.

  4. 4 Alan

    Out of the 100 people surveyed, 5 of those were also BlackBerry users, and of those 5, 2 of them will be switching completely. I hope that was clear. :)

    Hey, we have to give it to the iPhone, really. It’s just a beautiful device. BUT! We all know that the BOLD is simply better, and more reliable. Two things that mean a lot to an informed individual.

    And not all of us use iTunes. :)

  5. 5 Bryan

    Josh’s statement, while more getting to the root of the problem with the math, isn’t entirely correct. 40% of Blackberry users are not switching to iPhones. 40% of Blackberry users there (at the Apple/AT&T/whatever store, presumably to buy an iPhone) were going to make the full switch from Blackberry to iPhone 3G.

    What I’m taking that to mean is that 2 people already at the store and committed to buying an iPhone are ditching their BlackBerry in favor of the iPhone while 3 people aren’t giving up their Blackberry and will (presumably) carry 2 phones.

  6. 6 BR14

    Call me wierd but the idea of fingering a screen to make a phone call or browse a web page leaves me cold. And don’t dare touch my workstation LCD.

    I don’t mind a touch screen but you’d need to provide me a stylus.

    Anyone ask the question, “are you replacing your iPhone with an iPhone 3G?”

  7. 7 blee

    I’m a traitor.. :(
    I promise, I didnt want to be.. I’ve been looking forward to the Bold forever now.. but its been delayed and delayed (well.. rumored delayed.. no release ever announced for US)..
    My 8700c’s back button stopped working months ago, and my calls started dropping out..
    I have waited 2 months since I’ve been eligible for an upgrade, but I didnt want to upgrade to a curve..

    My plan is to use the iphone carefully for about 1-2 months then sell it on ebay, hopefully fetching me around 500-600$
    Then I’ll get a Bold w/o a contract.. :)
    I like the browsing on the iphone, but I cant live without bbmsger.. I hope I can survive without it for 1-2 months

    I mean.. I might have waited if I had a concrete release date.. but the wait without end in sight was too much for a weak soul like me.

  8. 8 StationStops

    I have been a loyal Blackberry user for years, but I am definitely getting the 3G iPhone after using the 2.0 software on my Touch the past week - many of the apps are great.

    I was on vacation and all of us had iPods, but only the Touch got used in the Sounddock because everyone was enjoying Pandora so much better then shuffling their own songs, no matter how big their collection.

    I will miss my Sprint 3G performance, my tethering, my keyboard, and battery life, but day to day I know I will get a lot more out of my 3G iPhone.

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