Bell and Telus making the GSM plunge?


A recent paper from UBS Investment Research is claiming that Canadian carriers Telus and Bell may be switching from CDMA to the popular GSM archietecture. It’s a big move that could cost upwards of $480 million, but when you look at the amount of exclusivity Rogers is enjoying with the iPhone, you can bet the competition won’t want to miss the next boat. This is good news for Canadian BlackBerry users, as it could mean no more waiting months on end for the CDMA versions of devices to come out. Where Bell and Telus sit on 4G remains uncertain - it’s entirely possible that they’ll skip the existing 3G HSDPA and go right to LTE.

(CBC via Engadget)

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  1. 1 IdRatherNot

    Although I’ve heard similar claims by publications; there is nothing to indicate that Telus is going to make the switch to GSM. In fact, they just released a 5 year plan detailing their plans for their winnings from the wireless spectrum auction and their 5 year move towards 4G (so that answers that question too.)

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