Nokia to keep BlackBerry Connect off new handsets

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Nokia E71While those of us packing proper BlackBerrys might not give two sniffs what BlackBerry Connect is up to, a recent move to keep the service off of upcoming Nokia E71 and E66 models could say a thing or two about Nokia and RIM’s current relationship. “Our approach is to make email a mass-market proposition for everybody, not just for the corporate boardroom group of individuals where BlackBerry has established itself,” said Nokia’s UK Managing Director Simon Ainslie. This could very well become a growing issue and threat to BlackBerry Connect’s viability as RIM becomes a concern for other manufacturers. Despite this potentially souring relationship between RIM and Nokia, it does go to show that the big dogs are getting just a little nervous about what BlackBerry’s up to.

(via MobileToday)

  • paresh
    when BlackBerry Connect to Support Nokia Eseries E71 ?
  • jeffy
    dont blame nokia, blame RIM for letting BBC to languish.No wonder many manufacturers are going the MS Way. Wake up RIM !
  • tao980
    What Nokia is offering TODAY in terms of email - MFE and it's own beta email service - is already obsolete and nowhere near BB. I hate the text only display of HTML messages on MFE, Nokia email service, and even on BB Connect. RIM has taken one step forward in this matter with the release of OS 4.5, but even before that it was possible to see HTML messages with Empower and BBSmart HTML email viewer on BB devices.
  • Jeff
    Idiots, Idiots, IDIOTS! BBC is the only way I can get at my Email and use Symbian/Nokia. I guess now I truly am off to a Curve or Bold. :(
  • Schummy
    But it's dificult for those who are used to have BBC and the companies for wich they work don't have other way to syncronize e-mail to buy an E71.
    I have one and I still wait for the BBC. It's a hope that I have because I have the E51 too and I wanted to have QWERTY kb.
    For E51 the first informations were that we would have BBC too, finally they decided to realese one version.
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