Touchscreens and the BlackBerry Bold (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 34)

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First up, sorry for the lateness. The aforementioned server issues slowed production, but no worries- we still recorded and have a heaping two weeks’ worth of news for you this episode. The BlackBerry Thunder and iPhone 3G were both huge news items last week. There are lots of numbers on the ‘net to refute the iPhone’s hype, while the BlackBerry faithful are sticking to their guns and holding out for the BlackBerry Bold. Some more pictures of the BlackBerry Thunder have also floated up, showing off the on-screen keypad and media player, as well as a massive false start by Expansys. This week a lot of stuff was ramping up to a BlackBerry Bold launch, primarily in the form of OS 4.6 software.

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Cortado Corporate Professional Server (audio):Cotado’s mobile document access service is heading to small and medium businesses. We talk about with them about SMBs, Every Laptop Left Behind and more.


BlackBerry Thunder touchscreen input pictures emerge: Photos of the Verizon BlackBerry Thunder emerge, displaying both QWERTY and SureType touchscreen capability.

BlackBerry Thunder due mid-October?: The touchscreen BlackBerry 9500 gets a semi-solid release date while the BlackBerry Bold might not be hitting shelves until September.

Expansys offers BlackBerry Thunder for preorder!: Call dibs on the touchscreen BlackBerry 9500!

iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Bold go head to head: How does the BlackBerry Bold stack up against the iPhone 3G? Well, it’s a close race.

Boy Genius takes a close look at the BlackBerry Bold: The Gadget King Boy Genius takes his stab at the BlackBerry 9000, and walks away amply impressed.

1.9% of BlackBerry users switching to iPhone: Very few BlackBerry users will be making the switch to the iPhone 3G - hey, thing might even be paving the way for the Thunder…

BES 4.1 Service Pack 6 released: Rich text e-mail viewing is the big change in the latest BlackBerry Enterprise Server software, but there are plenty of other little changes.

OS 4.5 available from Orange UK: Come and get your latest BlackBerry device software for the the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl!

Rogers BlackBerry Bold due August 12th?
: Freshest rumours of the BlackBerry 9000 in Canada are pointing to a mid-August release, just like AT&T.

Plazmic 4.5 CDK released: The latest Content Developer Kit gets rid of the requirement for BlackBerry JDE to be installed.

BlackBerry Bold coming to Chile: Claro and Movistar will be getting the BlackBerry 9000 by August.

Desktop Manager 4.6 available from Vodafone Germany: Desktop Manager 4.6 available from Vodafone Germany

BlackBerry JDE 4.6 beta released: BlackBerry JDE 4.6 beta is now ready for your downloading pleasure - now with message list integration!

BlackBerry Media Sync launched: The BlackBerry Media Sync for iTunes could be coming to today…

BlackBerry Kickstart hands-on: pics and specs: We’ve got some hands-on pictures and impressions of the BlackBerry Kickstart… so far, it’s looking good!

More BlackBerry Thunder pictures emerge: We’ve got some eye candy of the touchscreen BlackBerry 9500, featuring the camera and a bit more of the media player.

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