‘Cool Deals: 8GB microSD going for $39.99

The bigger memory cards for BlackBerry can get pretty expensive, but this is a solid deal. Meritline is selling 8GB A-DATA microSD cards for a scant $39.99, complete with converter and free standard shipping within the US. The downside is that us international folks are boned - it looks like the only shipping method I qualify for up here in Canada is FedEx International which runs a scandalous $59.52. And here I was looking to replace my junky 512 card for the BlackBerry Bold. Looks like we’ll have to find another place for cheap memory cards up in the cold, desolate north… Seen any good deals lately?

(via BerryReview)

5 Responses to “‘Cool Deals: 8GB microSD going for $39.99”

  1. 1 Alex

    Umm, yeah. Canada Computers has an 8gb MicroSD card for $40.49 with $6.99 shipping. If you pay cash and pick the card up it’s only $37.49.


  2. 2 artie

    Will an 8gb work on a BB8130 4.3?

  3. 3 Michael

    It’s a hell of a deal, but only until you realize that the card isn’t compatible with the 8830 and possibly other models as well. It appears that the 8gb card will be useless until OS upgrades are release. Guess I’m stuck waiting.

  4. 4 Michael

    To clarify, my 8830 only recognizes the card as having a 4gb capacity. Once I put any more than that on the card, my BB fails to recognize it at all. So it’s not utterly useless, but it has zero advantage over a 4gb card.

  5. 5 Todd

    You need to have OS 4.5 to see the full 8GB. OS 4.2 will only see 4GB.

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