BlackBerry 8320 headed to AT&T?

It looks like Rogers isn’t the only carrier to start packing soon-to-be-antiquated devices… word has it AT&T will be putting up the BlackBerry 8320 alongside the BlackBerry Bold by the end of Q3. Why would anyone take a second look at the Wi-Fi Curve, when you could have a Wi-Fi/GPS/3G BlackBerry right beside it? Either all of the other BlackBerrys will have their prices knocked down to be an affordable alternative, or the BlackBerry 9000 will be so ridonkulously expensive that they’ll seem cheaper by comparison. Still, options are options, and the Bold might just be overkill for some users. The BlackBerry 8320 is certainly a more reasonable choice for enterprises making a widespread UMA rollout…

(via GearDiary)

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1 Response to “BlackBerry 8320 headed to AT&T?”

  1. 1 Chris L

    I would buy this instead of the Bold, except for one thing: speed.

    The Bold is much bigger of a device, like the 8800-series….I like the Curve size and the Pearl even better……but their processors are painfully slow.

    The other features of the Bold, like 3g etc, are good for some, but I personally don’t care about them.

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