BlackBerry Bold browser in action (video)

One of the bigger upgrades with the BlackBerry Bold is the browsing experience, which you can see clearly in this video from Boy Genius. You get a look at the general rendering capability of OS 4.6, as well as speed differences between EDGE and Wi-Fi. I’d be curious to see how 3G compares… On the whole this is a much needed update - the poor BlackBerry browser has been a point of contention for plenty of users for a good long time. You guys happy to see the problem fixed? What’s the next biggest issue RIM needs to tackle?

(via BGR)

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  1. 1 Dan Mowchan

    It’s looking good, but are we going to see these updates on our current Blackberry Devices? IE the Curve?

  2. 2 James

    Only using EDGE weak! Not sure if there is sound, but i dont have any on my end.

  3. 3 Lance

    RIM has addressed the wish list. Features appreciated by consumers will be evident in the 9500 and beyond.
    They’re on top of it.

  4. 4 cellinator

    Did anybody answer Dan’s question? Is the new browser on the Bold going to be available for earlier models? I have OS 4.5 and the new browser “appears” to be the same. Looks can be deceiving though!

  5. 5 clive

    i have a blackberry bold, apparantly it does not seem to play any videos from the youtube. do i need to install a software on the bold or, changes in the bold need to be made.
    pls help, as im really frustrated, not getting vodeos to play

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