BlackBerry Media Sync launched

Supposedly the BlackBerry/iTunes syncing utility that was making the rounds last month is ready for primetime, and could be popping up for public download from at some point today. iTunes support certainly makes BlackBerrys more viable as your number one media player - combined with increasing size of memory cards and high quality stereo Bluetooth headsets, it’s hard to go wrong. If you didn’t have time to nab MediaSync when it was available briefly, today could be your big chance, so keep your eyes peeled.

UPDATE: BlackBerry Media Sync is live, so go ahead and check it out!

(via BlackBerry News)

11 Responses to “BlackBerry Media Sync launched”

  1. 1 netposer

    What’s the difference between this and the “Media Manager” bundled with Desktop 4.5? The Media Manager grabs media from iTunes also.

  2. 2 ChrisC

    Just downloaded it from RIM, version


  3. 3 haggisgirl

    Am I missing something? This won’t transfer DRM music downloaded from iTunes so how is it different from the Desktop Media Manager?

  4. 4 Bayan

    It’s there now.

  5. 5 Murphy tha Dog

    Found it on the Rim website, d/l’ing now.

  6. 6 fanner

    I can’t get it to work. “Blackberry Media sync failed to connect to your blackberry device. Click connect to disconnect or try again.”

    I get this on a Vista Home Premium computer and another one running XP media center.

    Anyone else having this problem?

  7. 7 Steve

    Its a shame…Vista 64 bit is not supported!

  8. 8 Broc

    Of course, no support for Mac people. Makes sense right, “ooh, aah, sync your iTunes to your BB”!!! Oh, but if you have a mac, you’re SOL.

    Thanks BB, you suck.

  9. 9 Paul

    It would be nice for a mac version of media sync. Perhaps apple wants everyone to buy iphones and won’t allow such a program on its os.
    Here’s the problem with that…I probably would have got an iphone if my carrier was allowed to sell them.
    All this proprietary garbage makes me want to go all open source.

    But it definitely won’t drive me back to a buggy windows os just to sync some itunes.

    I think the only thing I am pleased with is my blackberry itself and I’ll wait till I’m “allowed” to buy a iphone to try it out.

  10. 10 Crystal Tyler

    I am very disappointed in the fact that MAC users can’t take advantage of this awesome software. I love my MAC computer but I love my blackberry more. My next laptop will not be a MAC (unless this changes pretty quick) because I will never give up my Blackberry (I’m on my 3rd one). Luckily, I have a desk top with itunes as well. Come on Apple, lets all work together. These two great products (blackberry and Apple) can help each other excel. Kinda like Democrats and Republicans!! :) Think of all the good we can do TOGETHER!!!

  11. 11 Mike

    Downloaded program. When I try to install it tells me I have to reboot, I reboot and the same thing happens….suggestions?

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