BlackBerry popular handset for Opera users

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Opera’s monthly report for June has taken a look at the popular handsets that folks are using with their mobile browser, and what sites they’re going to. After running down country-by-country top 10 lists, it was pretty interesting to see the stark differences between the Chinese (dominated by Nokia) and the American (which was almost all BlackBerry). The UK also has almost half of their list occupied by BlackBerry, with the 8310 nabbing top spot. Speaking of which, the BlackBerry 8310 holds 5th. place worldwide in the popularity contest among Opera users. This State of the Mobile Web report is a pretty cool idea on Opera’s part, especially if you’ve developed a taste for this kind of thing with Google Trends. If you’re sick of the BlackBerry’s browser, you can get Opera Mini by visiting on your mobile.

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4 Responses to “BlackBerry popular handset for Opera users”

  1. 1 Jorge

    I actually like Opera Mini. Works cool, much better than the Blackberry browser. I have a BB 8707 3G and works “ok”. I visited the web pages tested for BB Bold in BoyGenius test report, and found that the opera does better job than new BB Bold browser. So when getting the Bold, I will be using the Opera mini and the HSDPA power with it. I drop a question: Should have BB partnered with a browser company like Opera, Firefox, etc… to provide better products in browser??

  2. 2 mikedoan

    I myself use both the native BB Browser as well as Opera Mini 4.1 on my 8100. I have also just started using Opera 9.5 for Windows Desktop. Great combination with the abillity to sync ’speed dials’ across both platforms.

    I must ask the question though…

    Do the results that you speak of really point to the BB’s popularity as a handset


    Is it just another indication/reinforcement of the fact that most BB user’s receive a substandard browsing experience (using the native BB Browser).

  3. 3 Jorge

    In theory, popularity about BB is not browsing, but becaouse never was great product. If was better, would add as popularity. I rarely use browser in my BB (either opera or BB browser), since it is slow and prefer uso Viigo when reading posts, just the text of a post.

    But I think with HSDPA comes with improving the browser, since speed is so fast that is no longer an issue. It would be usefull for writing posts, comments, etc…

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