Boy Genius takes a close look at the BlackBerry Bold

BlackBerry Bold

Gadget guru Boy Genius has been toting around a BlackBerry Bold for at least a month now, and has posted a lengthy and juicy run-down of the device. A lot of it has to do with OS 4.6, but there’s plenty on build quality, screen, and speakers too. BlackBerry Messenger gets a significant overhaul, including ability to send videos, send messages to multiple recipients, show the music you’re listening to, and automatically change your status message when on the phone. Notifications for buddies coming online is a pretty sweet feature too.

The browser is as sexy as previously reported, taking full advantage of 3G, solid rendering and easy navigation by zooming in on scrollball clicks. The reported multiplayer service is also a go, making good use of the expanded game library bundled with the BlackBerry Bold. HTML e-mail is here at long-last, along with a progress bar for incoming attachment downloads. The OS itself installs very quickly from the desktop, but can still be a bit chunky when running - we can expect a few more optimizations to be made before launch, though.

As for the earlier reports of pooptastic battery life, they’ve all been fixed, but as always you can expect 3G usage to take its toll. The first thing that hits everybody about the Bold, however, is the screen, which is “the most vibrant, color-rich, sharp screen we’ve ever seen on a mobile device”. Those are some big words, and from what we’ve seen of the Bold at WES, they’re completely justified. Sound is solid, with a smattering of sound ports to let those speakers ooze out the tunes. Call quality is also good, partially thanks to 3G, no doubt. The overall build quality is not bad, although hearing it’s not quite as solid as the Curve did set off a few alarms for me. Hopefully the final version will be good and tough - it’s hard to be Bold with a wobbly battery door.

On the whole, you can tell BG is pretty damned excited about the BlackBerry 9000, and we really can’t wait to get our hands on one too. Be sure to check out the full review for lots more info.

(via Boy Genius Report)

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