Clearer Rogers BlackBerry Bold Pricing Details Emerge, OS 4.6 Is Ready

Call it mixed signals, call it a slightly confused source, or call it one too many Rogers iPhone 3G price points. Whatever you want to call it, it appears that we goofed last week when we told you that Rogers was opting to sell the nascent BlackBerry Bold at $199 on a three-year contract. While the Bold will still match the iPhone 3G in pricing, it will be for the 16GB model, not the 8GB model, which retails at $299 on a three year contract. We were told, however, that the price could drop as low as $199 by Christmas, due to increased smartphone demand from consumers, and well, competition from the iPhone. Consider us half right.

We were also able to learn that RIM shipped Rogers a final build of OS 4.6 early last week, which is surprising considering Rogers also hosted multiple BlackBerry Bold launch parties for corporate customers at the same time. What can we learn from this? Well, one more barrier to getting the BlackBerry Bold in our hot little hands has been checked off the list. Also, the fact that OS 4.6 wasn’t even final before Rogers was throwing parties for the Bold explains why reader ‘Rogers Guy’ was telling us that Rogers was only giving away coupons for the Bold rather than the device itself.

(Thanks to SingStar Hero for the tip!)

5 Responses to “Clearer Rogers BlackBerry Bold Pricing Details Emerge, OS 4.6 Is Ready”

  1. 1 BlogReader

    3 year contract? Who wants to hold on to a phone for that long? Why this break from the standard 2 year?

  2. 2 Chris L

    3 YEARS?! That’s insanity!

    1 year is fine, even 2 years is pushing it; a lot changes in 2 years in technology! But 3 years? Hardly anyone keeps their phone for 3 years, its just a way to make money from the breaking of the contract.

  3. 3 Aaron

    Rogers and Bell and Telus have been doing 3 year terms since the summer of ‘04. Pretty standard right now

  4. 4 amed

    how much without the contract? The 3 year contract will end up costing you more than $300

  5. 5 Lawrence Lee


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