Does RIM need an App Store?

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We’re not going to show you the rest of the comic (for that, you’ll have to head to The Joy of Tech, which is a must-read anyways), but the snippet presented above does raise an interesting question: how big of a factor is Apple’s Apps Store in the ongoing smartphone wars? Would it benefit the RIM ecosystem to have a all-in-one shop for productivity, lifestyle and entertainment applications? Post a comment and let us know what you think.

(comic via The Joy of Tech)

  • Lee
    Yes yes yes they need an app store. I spend hours trawling the web for Blackberry stuff and get frustrated with half baked ideas broken links missing un -loadable software.

    BUT they first of all must must must get a desktop Manager for the Mac sorted. There is no way they can ignore the Mac community if they don't want to lose market share to Apple and I fail to see how they could introduce an app store without addressing that issue first
  • Ok, so I like some of the issues coming up here, namely:

    -- BlackBerry Wallet integration
    -- A BlackBerry Labs section (although I'm sure many BES Admins would be THRILLED at having unfinished software on their devices)

    But how do they implement this? A website or a standalone application similar to iTunes? Maybe they build it into Desktop Manager with the Media Sync stuff?

  • Bryan
    In one word, yes.
  • Lewis
    RIM are stupid not to have done this years ago. How long have RIM been in business? YEARS! Apple have got the set up correct. With the app store they can afford to discount their handsets greatly. Apple will win many people over due to the Apps store and their iTunes ota.

    BlackBerry - you should have done this years ago. Is it too late?
  • ceppm

    I've used a BB for the last 9 months and have to say that from the beginning I was very disappointed with RIM's site. The one you access through BB Browser is rubbish: horrible organisation, impossible to find anything and miserable offer of applications.

    It is a very messy business model where you can find an application lying in some obscure corner of their site but it doesn't work with your device or your carrier. Simplicity for the user is the key word.

    RIM is trying to get into the mass market but they have a lot of work to do on that sense.
  • Vakul Malhotra
    I think RIM definitely needs to pay attention to this. Iphone has definitely hit hard on consumer end of the business, something RIM has worked hard in past year or so to strengthen, that being said, RIM still has an edge when it comes to CDMA phones, who knows for how long.

    For me, Iphone is another phone, however, I cannot look at at the appstore with a blind eye, some of the applications, I could just wish were available on Blackberry

    Perhaps its a different way these devices emerged, RIM started off corporate and is penetrating consumer market. Whereas thanks to ipod generation, Apple started off in consumer and is penetrating to Corporate.

    Fine, you can say BB is coming with Thunder, but really lets be honest. When it comes to interface of iphone, blackberry blows.

    Apps really making iphone a real killer, I won't be suprise by the end of this year, you'll see iphone eating up RIM's market share.
  • socko
    Yes, I was thinking about this the other day actually (and then forgot to respond to this yesterday)...

    I think it would be extremely beneficial for RIM. I was thinking a 3rd party could write one, but then nobody would be arsed to keep their apps up to date. But then again, if RIM were in control I'm sure there would be a painful approval process, etc. I kind of like the fact that I can go out and find software that is "made by some guy" with my Blackberry out of the box. But at the same time the stability of some of those apps is horrid.
  • Loony2nz
    YES! Going all over the web looking for apps to download is frustrating. Put all the wonderful apps in one central repository and let people rate it and as DavidB said, have it linked up with Blackberry Wallet. If RIM needs to be in toe-to-toe competition with Crapple, this is an absolute must.

    Would be cool if they added a "Labs" type section too. "Upcoming apps..give us your input to help create these apps" or something like this.
  • Bla1ze
    RIM could use an app store, it would most definetly be beneficial for them to do so...but really, they need to work on their development program before anything like a centralized app store...we all learnt that from reading about Neils experiences over at DevBerry.
  • DavidB
    ABSOLUTELY! And by all means it needs to be fully integrated with Blackberry Wallet! RM is shooting themselves in the head every day that goes by that doesn't have such a unified accessibility for users.

    BUT, RIM won't do it. Not in the "carrier is master" environment in which we live these days. There is NO WAY the likes of Verizon and such are going to give up their stranglehold, unless RIM figures out a way to compensate the carriers for users being able to buy and use apps free of carrier interference.
  • justelise
    I think it would be absolutely beneficial for both RIM and the software developers. I spend a decent bit of time combing the web for Blackberry applications, and I do think it would be nice if there was a central repository of some sort. If it's a store, it'll just increase software and device sales.
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