Google Maps Mobile gets voice-enabled

Although our faith in voice recognition has been a wee bit tainted after trying to get vlingo to work for the last week, Google recently announced that you can now make voice-activated, local searches using Google Maps on the BlackBerry 8110, BlackBerry 8120, and BlackBerry 8130. It sounds like the app is still a work in progress, but no doubt once it’s been polished and fine-tuned, we’ll start seeing it on devices other than the Pearl. I really do like the idea of all these new voice-based services, but the more you have to wrestle with them to recognize you properly, the more you’re inclined to just use the dang keypad. You can find more info on Google Maps Voice Search, or head on over to on your BlackBerry to get started.

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  1. 1 daveb

    I have an 8110. I made sure i had the latest version of Google Maps and followed their tutorial. It totally does not work at all, as in the app is not recognizing the button you’re supposed to hold (left convenience key). I experimented a bit, with reassigning the key to the default settings as well as leaving it unset, no luck.

    I checked the comments from the announcement post, it seems no one can get it working, period.

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