iDEN BlackBerry gets ID’d


BlackBerry 7100iRemember those rumours of an iDEN BlackBerry on Sprint? Well, they haven’t died. Due out late this year, the BlackBerry 8350 will be touting WiFi (b/g) and OS 4.6.1. For those who weren’t around for it, iDEN was an old network standard that did some good stuff with push-to-talk, but was largely replaced by the GSM standard. iDEN’s been slowly dying out since, but clearly there’s still some interest in push-to-talk on BlackBerry… Anyone out there still use it?

(via BlackBerry News)

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  1. 1 Darmichar

    The trucking industry makes heavy use of the Nextel PTT service for local/city drivers. I’m sure they’d like to see it stick around for a while.

  2. 2 Clifford Villeda

    I noticed one of our vendors sales rep uses one. I didnt know it was a blackberry until he told me he will get my emails on his blackberry LoL

  3. 3 Aaron

    the iDEN phones were designed for heavy duty situations - like construction. I wish there was more heavy duty phones to get on the GSM network.

  4. 4 Rouel

    I was just about to jump ship and go back over to the sprint side for the new Curve but I heard about this and I want to hold on to my really outdated 7100i for a couple of months, they say 4th quarter but they have till September to show me a pic or I am jumping ship darn it

  5. 5 Victor

    I work as a receiver, and for the the chrip function of my phone is a must. If I need to choose between the chrip and the blackberry, the chirp will win simply because of my job. I use it to keep in contact with my vendors and make things more orderly. I got the 7100i when I was on vacation because my other phone died and the BB was simply the cheapest phone in the store, but now I have it, I fallen in love with the blackberry and use it for everything. If I need to downgrade now, I will be beyond lost because I use the blackberry that often. I’ll stick with the 7100i as long as I can until a new one comes out, so I just can’t wait to get my hands on the 8350

  6. 6 Keith

    THANK GOD! If I have to look at this outdated 7100i any longer while everyone else I know has cool, new sleek phones with cameras, I am going to throw up! I have had every Iden Blackberry invented and have been used to getting the new Blackberry every year, and looking forward to all the new upgrades. I am usually the first one on the block with the newest phone or gadget, but not since Sprint acquired Nextel! They have left me high and dry with the oldest outdated phone on the block! I too have had thoughts of jumping ship and heading over to AT&T to get the new Blackberry Bold 3G or The Blackberry Javelin or even the Blackberry Curve, but it’s something about that Direct Connect that I don’t wanna let go of, especiall since I signed up for the new Sprint “Simply Everything” rate plan. That rate plan makes me feel like I am getting a deal for $99/mo. Unlimited Voice, Text, Blackberry Web Client, Direct Connect! WOW! But I have to keep using this DINOSAUR of a phone to realize all the savings? I don’t like any of the rate plans that At&t offers, there are all more expensive, and they charge you extra for the Blackberry service over and above the $99/mo access for for unlimited voice, which really sucks! If the offered the same voice and data package that sprint offered, I would jump ship right away, or as soon as the Blackberry Bold hits the scene! At&t you think rethink your pricing strategy in this tough economy, you could dominate the market, get more competitive! I know you have the hottest handsets, so you are not concerned, but there are a lot of people out there like me, hanging on to OLD phones to save money on monthly rate plans!

  7. 7 JDR

    I was about to switch over to the sprint blackberry curve until the the Nextel Rep showed the photo of the new 8350 nextel curve. It is coming without a doubt. Told him to email me when the first one came in and I would come and get it that day. Lets hope its soon.

  8. 8 Troy

    Release date for the New Blackberry Curve 8350i will be released 12/01/09.It will be $149.99 after a $100.00 mail in rebate. I will be able to get additional discounts on the device. You can contact me at Our company has locations in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin. We provide sales, service and support for the 5 major cellualr provider. I will be taking pre orders as of 11/2. Take advantage now. They are already have a high demand.

  9. 9 Tim

    I too am still using the old 7100i. on the iden network. Thank God the old aniquated thing can go away soon. Nextel iden works much better than any other service in my area. I’ve tried them all at least twice. I need the funtionality of the blackberry for work & I need iden to complete my calls. This new 8350i sounds like a miricle. Lets see how it holds up to the Arizona desert and the harsh conditions out here?

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