Indian government claims no security threat from BlackBerry?

IndiaWait, what? After all this trouble, the Indian government is actually claiming “There is no threat from Blackberry services, … There is no permission needed for starting value added services. We have not given permission to anybody, we have not disallowed anybody”. It seems as though as soon as the Department of Telecom found out about the potential security breach due to inability to crack the 128-bit-encrypted BlackBerry messages, internal security agencies got nervous and locked everything down, while the DoT still wanted to continue allowing BlackBerry service. You might remember some of the earlier statements which pointed to an optimistic resolution of the whole mess, while State Affairs imposed restrictions on BlackBerry service at the same time. Regardless, last we heard, the Indian governement was going to handle all necessary decryption - it’s just really strange to hear that it was never really needed.

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  1. 1 FuturDreamz

    It probably just them not used to the idea of not having control over some things.

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