iPhone 3G Round-Up: Rogers Caves on Pricing, Unboxing Shots, Launch Promotions and Reviews

Steve Jobs holding the iPhone 3G

We’re now t-minus two days and counting from Apple’s worldwide iPhone 3G launch, but from the amount of information swirling around the Internet today, you’d think that Jesus Phone 2 was already available. Here’s a round-up of all the iPhone info you need to know:

Rogers Caves on iPhone Data Pricing (Almost): In response to the huge outcry over a lack of an unlimited data plan, Rogers is launching a promotional offer of 6GB for $30, which can be added to any voice plan. The promo will be available for iPhone buyers who activate with a three year contract before August 31.

*Update* This offer will also be made available for 3G BlackBerry users, i.e. for the BlackBerry Bold!
(via Engadget)

Rogers Stores To Open Early on Friday: A handful of Rogers Plus stores across Ottawa will open their doors at 8:00 a.m. (all times local) on Friday, for advanced purchases of the iPhone 3G (see link for list). Breakfast will also be served for people while they wait.
(via Newswire)

iPhone 3G Unboxing Shots: For all those looking to satisfy their unboxing pic fetish, Boy Genius has the goods, with a full iPhone 3G unboxing gallery.
(via Boy Genius Report)

The first iPhone 3G reviews appear to be a mixed bag, with notable improvements running alongside some longstanding problems. Here’s what Walter Mossberg and David Pogue have to say:

There are two big hidden costs to the new iPhone’s faster speed and lower price tag. First, in my tests, the iPhone 3G’s battery was drained much more quickly in a typical day of use than the battery on the original iPhone, due to the higher power demands of 3G networks. This is an especially significant problem because, unlike most other smart phones, the iPhone has a sealed battery that can’t be replaced with a spare.

Apple has greatly improved the audio on the new iPhone. I found the speaker was much louder, for music and for the speakerphone. But the new phone produced an echo when used with the built-in Bluetooth system in my car. Also, the headphone jack is now flush with the case instead of recessed as on the first model, so it can accept any standard stereo earphones.

The camera, however, is still bare-bones. It can’t record video and has a resolution of just two megapixels. The power adapter is now tiny, at least in the U.S., but Apple no longer includes a dock for charging, just a cable.

(Walter Mossberg via Wall Street Journal)

Unfortunately, most of the standard cellphone features that were missing from the first iPhone are still missing. There’s still no voice dialing, video recording, copy-and-paste, memory-card slot, Bluetooth stereo audio or phone-to-phone photo sending (MMS). And when the battery needs replacement after a couple of years, you’ll still have to pay Apple $86 for a replacement.

And speaking of the BlackBerry crowd: Apple also says that the iPhone works better with corporate systems, like Microsoft Exchange and ActiveSync.

Note, though, that these software tweaks aren’t iPhone 3G features. They’re part of the free software upgrade called iPhone 2.0, which will be available to the six million original iPhones, starting Friday. For $10, even iPod Touch owners can get this upgrade.

(David Pogue via New York Times)

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July 17th, 2008 at 4:46 am

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