More BlackBerry Thunder pictures emerge

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We’ve got some more shiny pictures of the BlackBerry Thunder in action. Here you can check out how the media player will look while playing music, complete with title, artist and album art. There’s also a better look at the camera functions in both landscape and portrait modes. Flash, zoom, cropping, video and e-mail functions are all built into the main interface and a glimpse at what we can expect from OS 4.7. There are still plenty of pictures of the BlackBerry Thunder’s media player and virtual keypad out there, if you’re looking for more pics to slobber over.

(via BlackBerrySync)

  • Kayla
    OMG!!!!!This phone is the BEST phone ever and it is on the best wireless company ever created VERIZOn everyone should go out and get this phone when it comes out!!!!!!!
  • gtbadbai
    i agree they need some new desinger but the phone looks like the other blackberrry
  • tennapop
    I didn't like the Thunder when I first saw it, but it's grown on me. It's everything you could want... A BlackBerry with a GREAT media layout. Still will want to do a side by side with the Bold, but coming from GSM with the Curve to CDMA with the Pearl, anything would be a step up. :)
  • mb
    I still think i'm gonna go for the Bold instead of the Thunder.
  • Bernhard
    Is it just me or does the Thunder look so much more ugly than the Bold? I can't believe that what we are seeing here is the real thing.

    If it is the real thing, I can only say: Dear Research in Motion, please hire some designers.
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