New carrier coming to Canada?

The excessively long Canadian spectrum auction has finally wound up, and the results not only netted the government a healthy $4.2 billion (about three times more than they were expecting), but also brought some newcomers out to play. As expected, incumbents Rogers, Bell and Telus grabbed bits of the wireless spectrum available for sale, but Globalive, owner of the Yak brand, also picked up $442 million-worth of airwaves. Canadian anti-monopoly laws which force existing carriers to rent out their towers to other providers could favour Globalive in their upcoming service, due as early as next Easter. It sounds like they also understand the current situation with Canadian wireless rates: “Canadians are unhappy about the costs, the complexity of the billing. I can speak for myself as a consumer. I’m confused by my bill.” said CEO Anthony Lacavera. Hopefully these guys will be offering some BlackBerrys when they’re ready to go.

(CBC via Engadget)

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July 24th, 2008 at 12:00 pm

“Koodo” isn’t a new carrier. It’s not even a “carrier” per se. Koodo is simply a Telus brand. It’s targetted at cost conscious users and teens, so there would be no need to add Blackberry, since Telus already does that.

BTW, Fido is also a brand of Rogers. Difference is that Fido was bought by Rogers and already offered Blackberry services, so it was maintained.

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