Rogers BlackBerry Bold due August 12th?

Rogers BlackBerry Bold

We’re still holding our breath for an announcement from Rogers today, but rumour has it that the BlackBerry Bold will be out in Canada on August 12th., putting us right on time with the AT&T delay. T-Mobile Germany had also changed their release date from July to August, so it looks like this is a widespread deal. I still think that that the recent OS 4.6 Desktop Manager and Java Desktop Environment are an indication that the Bold would not have been ready for the end of the month. Still worth the wait, no?

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17 Responses to “Rogers BlackBerry Bold due August 12th?”

  1. 1 Ed M.

    Yeah I think it’s still worth the wait!!! just get the damn thing working 100% and release it!!! woooooohooooooo!!!!

  2. 2 Hellyeah

    Iwas talkin to my rogers rep, she said it will be in the system to order Aug 5th

  3. 3 waterboy

    I have heard the same date of the 12th. One guy at the Rogers kiosk in Costco Vancouver stated that he had just been certified, and the date was Aug 12th.

  4. 4 jason Marks

    Supplies for this phone will also be made available on in august!!

  5. 5 smooches

    I wish it would hurry up and be released. I’m a t-mobile customer, at&t has 2 many dropped calls

  6. 6 msmiley

    does anyone know if itll be realeased agoust 12 in ontario too?

  7. 7 Derek

    I’m on Pay as you go waiting for the Bold, but it just keeps being delayed!! Hope the 12th is the REAL date…

  8. 8 BlackBerry Cool


    We sure as hell hope so. We’re based out of Ontario, so as soon as we have it, you’ll know!

  9. 9 Ted

    I heard it my be delayed to Aug 16 ish. from a rogers store.

  10. 10 Derek

    Just confirmed from a Blackberry rep that the Bold will be 100% available on August 19th for order.. and I will be able to receive it a few days after. Keeping my finers crossed..!

  11. 11 dave

    Too many dates mentioned — does any one have a correct information ?? Can’t wait !

  12. 12 Samantha

    Has anyone heard confirmation on the 19th ? Please post.

  13. 13 BlackBerry Cool

    Hey Guys,

    We’re about 90% sure that the Bold will be available on the 19th. Please don’t hang us if we’re wrong - hang Rogers!

    We’ll let you know if anything changes.

  14. 14 Mike Bloom

    I just received confirmation from Rogers that the phone will be available for sale on Tuesday the 19th of August.

  15. 15 Big Pete

    I can’t wait. The track ball fell out out of my curve 4 days ago, I cotemplated buying another curve but instead I busted out the Classic 7290, since I had given my 8100 away. My choices were use it or buy another BB till the bold comes out. I decided to use the 7290. I am impressed….the 7290 still works fine. Couting the days for the Bold……

  16. 16 BLC

    I hear from inside sources at Rogers (the guys running the back end) that it will be on the Aug 20th
    * the source credible

  17. 17 BMC

    Rogers emailed me today, with August 21st, 2008 as the day to get the Bold at their stores

    i’m ready

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