Shady European ringtone dealers to be investigated

Ringtones are without a doubt one of the most popular mobile markets out there, and apparently a healthy chunk of them aren’t playing by the rules. The European Union has looked at over 500 websites and found that 80% garnered investigation in regards to misleading charges, secret contract agreements, and misusing the word “free”. There’s an FAQ detailing how the EU is going to continue the process, and they’ve already posted a list of many retailers who have been flagged, so before you buy any ringtones, be sure to make sure they’re legit, and for your own sake, read the fine print. In the end, you could just use cellsea to convert your own ringtones…

(via cellular-news)

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  1. 1 mikeypants

    Haha, I love the picture. Poor Ernie always fell for whatever Lefty was selling.

    Anyway, good on the EU for protecting its consumers.

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