Sprint gets nailed for $73 million in illegal ETFs

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The latest in Sprint’s downward spiral to oblivion is the conclusion of a class-action lawsuit which ruled that contract early termination fees did not count as rates, and therefor fell under federal, rather than California state law. Using such ETFs as a means to discourage jumping ship is illegal under federal law, and so $18.23 million was rewarded to those who were forced to pay up. On top of that, they’ve got $54.75 million in unpaid ETFs that will be recredited. Ow. Tough break there, Sprint. Some appeals are likely to happen, but things aren’t looking so hot right now.

(via Kansas City Business Journal)

6 Responses to “Sprint gets nailed for $73 million in illegal ETFs”

  1. 1 John

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer company. Nice phones but the worst customer service in the industry. Meybe Nextel will be sold to Verizon?

  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool


    No such luck. In fact, recent word suggests that Sprint has finally realized how much of a cash-cow Nextel can be, and has commissioned RIM to make a iDen Curve. Check out the info here:


  3. 3 addictedtoBB

    LOL!! I HATE Sprint. They deserve every bit of this!! They did the same thing to us when we left them!!

  4. 4 Justin
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