Windows Live Search features voice recognition

Not one to be outdone by Yahoo! OneSearch, it turns out the Windows Live Search application for BlackBerry is also packing voice recognition, letting you pull up mobile searches just by speaking into your mobile. I’ve been making progress with vlingo lately, which features Google and Yahoo! searches built in as well, but one of our readers went so far to say “it has replaced half of my applications overnight, literally.” Tall words, but Live Search does feature GPS maps and navigation, movie showtimes, traffic, weather, and a bunch of other handy features. One-stop shops for BlackBerry software are becoming hot commodities, and voice recognition is the soupe du jour. Head on over to to give Windows Live Search for BlackBerry a shot, or go to Live Search Mobile for more info.

2 Responses to “Windows Live Search features voice recognition”

  1. 1 Ali

    The voice recognition feature is just for Windows Mobile devices so far, isn’t it? When I tried to download the upgrade, it appeared that I had the current version - which does not include voice for BlackBerry…yet.

  2. 2 James

    I have Live Search on my Sprint BlackBerry 8330, but it does not provide me with the Speech option. It does however have that option on T-Mobile (8800)and ATT (8310) devices. wHYS IS THIS THE CASE

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