RIM captures 10% slice of American market pie

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Strategy Analytics (hey, we know those guys!) recently published a report saying RIM has captured a solid 10% of American cellular sales in the last quarter. A total of 41.9 million handsets were shipped, which is up 5.3 percent from last year, making it an expanding market that’s getting harder to fill. Motorola still maintains lead position, with LG, Nokia and Samsung hot on their heels. Those are a lot of competitors to chew through, but RIM’s continued upward trend could earn them an even bigger slice of the pie over time, especially if Motorola’s new boss can’t turn things around and Nokia fails to provide a solid alternative to BlackBerry Connect. LG remains the number two dog right now, and with the likes of the Keybo floating around, it’s easy to see them as a potential BlackBerry competitor.

(via Reuters)

  • Ah, the Reuters wording is tricky - they go from talking about RIM to all handsets in the same sentence: "Canada's RIM was seeing huge success with both consumer and enterprise handsets in the United states where total mobile phone shipments rose 5.3 percent to 41.9 million units from 39.8 million in the second quarter of 2007."
  • mike
    I don't think RIM sold 41.9 million blackberries. I believe you made a typo and its' 14.9 million
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