BlackBerry 8800 launched in Russia


Onion domeVimpelCom has launched the BlackBerry 8800 in Russia today under the Bee Line brand, following up on a fine contract with British American Tobacco and a batch of BlackBerry 8700s. It might seem like sloppy seconds when other countries are getting the likes of the BlackBerry Bold in mere weeks, but at the end of the day, the 8800 is still a solid platform for BlackBerry service - heck, I see government workers on the bus every morning still packing the old blue 7200 series models who would kill for an 8800. It might be easy to see the flip BlackBerry 8220 replacing the BlackBerry Pearl, and the BlackBerry Javelin eventually replacing the BlackBerry Curve, but those devices are still solid, and will likely stick around for a good long time after the Bold is released.

(via RIM)

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  1. 1 DavidB

    Practically everyone I know who has a 72xx/75xx hates the 88xx keyboard, and would rather have an 87xx or 83xx. Or Bold or Javelin of course. I have an 8830 and the keyboard layout is tearing up my thumbs like no berry before it.

    But yeah, berry’s expanding into new markets is always good news. Aint it cool, Russian’s get the “new” 8800’s! So RIM can clear old inventory and we can get the REAL new stuff! ;)

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