Fire Eagle to provide universal location-sharing platform

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Yahoo! has recently rolled out a little something called Fire Eagle that is aiming to deliver your location to a number of different services using a common API, as well as allowing those services to update your location. Through Fire Eagle, you determine how broad (country, province, postal code), how narrow (GPS coordinates), and how visible (friends, public, specific applications) your location is. Taking a look at the application gallery, Wikinear is so far my favourite app - based on your location, it detects the 5 best Wikipedia entries about the stuff around you and pulls it to your mobile. This is a fantastic way to expand consciousness of your surroundings and maybe even learn a thing or two about the stuff you pass by every day.

While there’s very little BlackBerry-specific software here yet, Fire Eagle could very quickly become a major part of future BlackBerry location-based services and software. Of course GPS-enabled devices will have the easiest time with this system, but with cell tower positioning and even wi-fi positioning becoming more popular, LBS software could become much more readily available to an even larger audience.

  • Daniel
    Wow, is it 1984? Is that you big brother? Whilee I agree that there are great applications for thgis n the possible abuses are mind boggling.
    Th that
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