Canadian Pricing and Developer Challenges (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 37)

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BlackBerry Cool Podcast

This week we have fun taking it to the Canadian wireless industry not only for overpricing the BlackBerry Bold on Rogers, but also for the unopposed text message charges by Telus and Bell. A lot of different upcoming devices are touched on, including the flip BlackBerry 8220 (a.k.a the Kickstart), the newly-scoped iDEN BlackBerry 8350, as well as a new feature in the BlackBerry Javelin. There’s plenty more where that came from - just hit the jump!

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  • BlackBerry Bold Blowout: Who will buy it, why it’s taking so long, and what it’s missing


    • Rogers BlackBerry Bold officially priced at $399.99 on 3 year plan: The Rogers BlackBerry Bold has an official pricetag, and it’s not going to make Canadians happy: $399 on a 3-year contract. Sigh.
    • Canadian minister on incoming SMS charges: “Tough luck”: Telus and Bell will be going ahead with their $0.15 cash grab for SMS messages, since we don’t get charged enough already, apparently.
    • BlackBerry Partners Fund issues challenge to developers: The BlackBerry Developer Conference will be hosting the BlackBerry Partners Fund competition for best game, enterprise, multimedia, web and personal application.
    • HSBC trading in 200,000 BlackBerrys for iPhone 3Gs?: HSBC is considering making the big switch from BlackBerry to iPhone. Will Apple’s platform be secure enough for them?
    • BES Resource Kit 4.1 SP 6 released: The latest BES Resource Kit has been released, including a few handy new tools.
    • Beta BlackBerry MDS Studio and MS Visual Studio plug-in released: Some fresh beta development tools, BlackBerry MDS Studio and the plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio, are available to try out.
    • iDEN BlackBerry 8350 slated for Q4 release: The iDEN BlackBerry is on the way to Sprint before the end of the year. Who wants some PTT?
    • BlackBerry 8220 spec sheet leaked: The upcoming flip BlackBerry gets some hard numbers - nothing new, but some smaller details are good to have.
    • Rogers BlackBerry 8220 confirmed at $50: The latest info on BlackBerry 8220 pricing confirms at $49.99 pricetag, and an accompanying $45 monthly student plan.
    • More BlackBerry Javelin pics emerge, reveal microSD hot-swapping: Some slides show off the BlackBerry Javelin in full fidelity, including confirmation of previous specs and a hot-swappable microSD slot under the battery door.
    • BlackBerrys to land in Vietnam in October: Viettel will be releasing the BlackBerry 8700, BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8100 and BlackBerry 8320 to Vietnam in October.
    • BlackBerry 8800 launched in Russia: Bee Line will now be offering the BlackBerry 8800 to Russian customers. Might not be a BlackBerry Bold, but it’s not bad.

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