Indosat launches prepaid BlackBerry Internet Service


Indonesian carrier Indosat recently launched some nice prepaid options for week- and month-long BlackBerry service. It’s all-you-can-thumb internet browsing, e-mail, instant messaging and whatever else you want to do with your data, just remember that it doesn’t count SMS, voice or tethering. The 7-day deal will cost 50,000 rupiahs (or $3.50), and the 30-day prepaid service goes for 175,000 rupiahs (or $20). For travelers with an unlocked BlackBerry, this is a pretty sweet deal, and even local users who only need occasional data use, the plan could come in handy. Head on over here for more info on Indosat’s BlackBerry On Demand service, or text “BIS1 BB” and your BlackBerry model number to 889 to get started.

(Slashphone via Engadget)

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  1. 1 hambali

    Dear sir,
    Our mobile have proble in network, my BIS time still oke, but indication network signal just edge or gprs, automatic we can not use facility like for Y’M or internet and ect. Please help, we are very need this facilitu for our bussiness.
    Thank and best regard.

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