Rogers BlackBerry Bold officially priced at $399.99 on 3 year plan

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Once again, Canadian subscribers get the extra-short end of the stick. The BlackBerry 9000 should be launching on August 19th for $399.99 on a three-year contract. So much for $275. Just to hammer the point home, T-Mobile is offering the Bold in Austria for the essentially the same price, but on a two-year contract. Oh yeah, and that new iPhone everyone is talking about? $299 on a three-year contract for the 16GB model.

Ugh. Well, Canadians? Is it worth that much to you? I guess we could always take Jim Prentice’s advice and choose another carrier. Oh wait, we can’t.

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  • Andrew
    Has anyone at RIM heard of the iPhone? I am absolutely stunned at this pricing decision. It makes no sense whatsoever.
  • Jack Gunner
    For anyone to believe that RIM is not fully aware of and agreeing to the pricing is being simply ridiculous... Believe me, they (Rogers and RIM) are very tight and they know exactly what is going on... Rogers and RIM both agreed to launch this product as a High End product, just like they did with the 8800 and the sales of that product were in-line with expectations.
  • blackberrycat
    what bothers me is the lacking of real competition in Canada, and Rogers knows that so well that the Bold pricing is so indicative of. On that account I'm refusing to buy until some real changes come our way. I'm also disappointed that RIM is allowing Rogers to "kill off" the Bold in favouring of the iPhone without a fight. As a small business, I'd plan to upgrade but not in today's scenario.

    So Disgusted with Rogers aka Robbers
  • Peter Wilson
    Thats the strange thing i find.Rim is a canadian company and yet a fellow canadian company is being really unhelpful.The other thing that concerns me with all this is that whilst Berries generally have good reliability i dont believe any phone will last for 3 years and you can bet your bottom dollar that the warranty wont last that long

  • me
    I was waiting to buy blod but i think i changed my mind and will get nothing and no more cell phone no more 3 years contarc no more roger bye byeee roger :)))))))))))))
  • Andy
    I think the guys at Rogers have been smoking's important for you Canadian gadget lovers to resist the temptation...and watch the price drop faster than a 1st gen iPhone ;-)
  • Martin
    I wonder how RIM feels about something like other countries they've been giving away the Bold. Why would RIM allow a company like Rogers price their product at $100 over an iPhone. At the current pricing that is not going to encourage anybody to go to a Bold. At $275 I was going to upgrade. Now I might as well get an iPhone. No wonder the company I work at is wanting to switch carriers.
  • JohnR
    Get more out of your time with a blackberry so rogers can get more out of your pocket
  • JohnR
    This is Rogers way of payback for the IPhone petition
  • It's not even the price that bothers me, it's the contract length. You're signing me up for 3 years, and I still have to pay $400 for the Bold?
  • JonV
    What a rip. No surprise coming from Rogers. At least price it at $299 iphone pricing. Now you need to wait 6-9 months for a price drop.
  • Martin
    Canada. Welcome to the true North strong and wewilltaxyourforeverythingyouareworth FREE ofcharge.

    I am so tired for getting screwed on everything when 15 minutes away our neighbours to the south get everything for half the cost.
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