“Will you buy the Rogers BlackBerry Bold?” (Weekly Contest)

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So the news has finally broken on Rogers’ pricing for the BlackBerry Bold, due out next week on the 19th: $399 on a three year plan. I’d like to say it’s a surprise, but honestly at this point, we should be expecting this from Big Red, right? Andy Brown of Strategy Analytics already told us that enterprises won’t be taking the Bold, except as perhaps executive candy. And after the dirt-cheap Pearl and the mid-ranged iPhone 3G, Rogers has a gap in their “high-end prestige” demographic, which the Bold fills nicely.

The question then becomes: what do the rest of us do? Are we really willing to shell out $400 on a three year contract for the BlackBerry Bold? Has the wait been so unbearable that we’re willing to do anything for BlackBerry goodness at this point? Or do we have the guts to hold out until Christmas, hoping they drop the price a little? Maybe we should follow the advice of reader Jack Frost:

The trick is for people to complain and hold-out on buying the Bold. If demand is low, then they will lower their prices. Soon it will be cheaper to get a plan in the USA and pay roaming in Canada rather than sign a 3 year deal with Rogers.

Post a comment and let us know if you’re still planning to buy the BlackBerry Bold or if $50 for the Pearl 8220 sounds a lot more enticing. The person with the best comment will win THREE FREE GAMES FROM MAGMIC.

  • Michelle
    I would really like to get the new balckberry bold 9700 but I am still on a contract and do not wish to renew afterwards as to buy a new phone right from the store would cost me $700... I also find the contract price a little over priced.. where right now you can get the iphone 3Gs for 299.00 on a contract and was told that this phone does so much more.. I am also looking into to that one too where I might switch to an iphone.. As my blackberry curve 8320 doesn't have a big enough memory.
  • Michelle
    I would really like to get the new balckberry bold 9700 but I am still on a contract and do not wish to renew afterwards as to buy a new phone right from the store would cost me $700... I also find the contract price a little over priced.. where right now you can get the iphone 3Gs for 299.00 on a contract and was told that this phone does so much more.. I am also looking into to that one too where I might switch to an iphone.. As my blackberry curve 8320 doesn't have a big enough memory.
  • Well purchase a new Bold as of Sept 30, and then as of Oct 1, price drop -- look at the data plans. they are giving less, 5 gig for 75.00 -- should have left as it was for 6 gig for 30.00 bucks.... I have been with Rogers for 20 yrs, will just have to fight with them on getting my 100.00 back
  • Tony GotBold
    A little late for a comment, since this story published how long ago? But I had to say my piece. Rogers knows how to play the game. I must have made several calls to Rogers on release day, which started with "no bold available yet" to "$649 + can't keep cheap voiceplan + no promo data plan" and after some serious haggling and being transferred several times - paying $399 for the phone while extending my current contract to 3 years and getting the 6gb/$30 dataplan - suddenly seemed like a steal.

    Now if only Rogers had used someone other than UPS to send it, I would actually have it in my hands... instead I am at the mercy of some delivery contractor, who apparently has had several excuses as to why he couldn't delivery my package this week. But that is another story.
  • iphone bound
    silly! Nothing is Canadian anymore! lol Seriously, people talk about buy Canadian. Canadian businesses need to understand that in order to play with the global big boys, they need to be more competitive. I am sick and tired of people saying buy Canadian when that is all that Canadian businesses are using to selling their products. Buy Canadian, we'll charge you more, less selection. Frankly, blackberry knowing that they would pretty much be in direct competition with the iphone 3g, comes out with this half a$$ed product launch and charges $200 more in price? If RIM wants 4 percent market share, they better start acting like it!
  • Kevin
    iPhone- that is UnCanadian- buy something your neighbours build!! Anyway, I would never give up a full keyboard for a full touch device- I can't imagine the email interface working that well, and since I send over 100 emails per day, that means everything.

    O'Canada, RIM's native land! (c'mon everybody, sing!)

    I am in the middle of migrating from my 8820 to the BOLD right now. The USB loading speed seems much quicker than the 8820.

    So far so good- I am loving the look and the crisp screen!

  • iphone bound
    Have they not heard our cries? Do they not understand that Canadians are getting sick of their corporate price gouging? I have been comparing the iphone and bberry bold for about two months now and is the bold really worth 200 dollars more. Now what to do? Wait till the price drops? Well if you do wait, you won't be able to take advantage of the special promotion that will soon expire. Let's be honest, the big red doesn't listen to it's consumers because if they did, they wouldn't have sent me another blackberry after I put mine in the wash. Yep, you heard me correctly I called rogers about 15 times and must have spent hours on the phone with them. After being a gov't corporate acct holder(apparently the highest esteem in their eyes and I kept being told that even though no one cld help me), they would places orders for phones only to have them, dissappear. Then when I would call to verify, they told me I was ineligible because I was gov't corporate and the program was only for corporate but then they would remind me that my class was so high. I was bewildered by that but then came to the realization that credit class f probably stood for the four letter word that starts with f and throw an ed at the end for arguments sake. So finally after calling about 15 times and telling them I put my phone in the wash, a company rep suggested calling "the red" and suggesting that my bberry just stopped working (and yes I am aware of the dye run that happens when you water log your bberry). Sure enough it worked! Like new bberry in the mail in approx. 3 days. Thanks "r" for not listening to me and thanks for not logging your customer's complaints! You figure by now that carriers would start logging their customer's problems so at least if you were to get disconnected or check up on an order, they would have some reference material.
    400 bucks for a bold? After your paying customers shell out upwards of 60 bucks a month (lest we forget the mystery system access fee)to use the device. Not worth it in my opinion! albeit what does my opinion matter; I'm just the guy who put's it in the wash lol!
  • old bluetooth
    RIM you are making the people at Apple very happy. Your very poor release of the Bold is more of a laughing stock than their mobile me, and a 3g iPhone that doesn't work properly.Maybe you should come out and actually say something instead of all of these incompetents on these blogs.Real instead of rumor.Hello is anyone home up there or are you playing with your moose?I work for a multi-billion dollar corporation and they muff things too, but at least they put out the truth, or at least the truth as they see it.
  • Bla1ze
    Err..1-866-BLK-BERR..lol, one too many #'s there..
  • Bla1ze
    @Shaun Rotman

    "The only thing I can think of is their replacement program. No one seems to ever talk about that. With Rogers you can call in UP TO A YEAR (and in some cases even longer than that) after getting your BB and they’ll replace it if need be at no cost to you!"

    How is this a BENEFIT of Rogers?, it's a manufacturers warranty which is STANDARD...across the board, I don't know of any manufacturer who doesn't offer that.

    For that matter you can even call RIM and take advantage of it, granted it's faster through your carrier but 1-866-BLK-BERRY will honour that as well.
  • conor
    I am stilllgonna buy it before the new school year, but those greedy rogers guys are gonna get angry when people don't buy it because of the price. If you want the best phone out there, then it will be worth the money. Right now I have an iPhone 3G and I hate it, so I will be buying this one.
  • Futurdreamz
    Might as well buy the Bold with a shorter contract and then bring it to T-Mobile, or another one of the new carriers coming to Canada, immediately.
  • old bluetooth
    I am fine with my Curve, too bad they didn't load it with 3g and WiFi to begin with, then the 3g iPhone would have not mattered as much. As far as cost goes, they have to be kidding if they think the consumer market will pay those prices. The enterprise groups might, but why as a consumer would you pay for the Bold, when you could have a consumer delight iPhone? really marketed to different segments. RIM seems to be going back to their roots, the enterprise area, and letting Apple have the consumer area.
  • Geoff
    I've had 5 different berry's... I'm an addict, but the pricing on this is sending me towards the iphone.


    GREEDY @#$@$@#$@
  • Jim
    I'm with Justin. Forget the Bold...my next phone will be an iPhone. When Apple fixes MobileMe, I will switch to the iPhone. While I love my Curve, i need a better calendar program and web browsing. And when i'm ready to buy an iPhone, the price will be cheaper than a Bold or other BB.
  • Andrew
    $400 is a lot of money, but at the end of the day you're getting the best phone on the market. In my opinion, the iphone doesn't compare at all. RIM has done an exceptional job on this device, and I don't see anything coming close to this coming out in the next year, except maybe other RIM devices like the Thunder or Javelin.

    Overall this is an exceptional upgrade from either the Curve or the 8800, and you will definitely see me in line with my 400 bucks ready to but it.
  • Joseph
    Hold out until prices drop on the Bold. With the 4.5 OS out there and likely still making the rounds, that's likely enough new functionality for many to hang on for a few months.

    Look what happened to the first iPhone. RIM will/should drop the price tag if they really want to move units.
  • DavidB
    This is just dumb. People aren't going to buy the Bold at double the price of an iPhone. Too bad there isn't another GSM carrier in Canada, RIM SHOULD have some leverage on Bold pricing but with NO COMPETITION this is what you poor Canucks are stuck with. Of course, when (if) it launches in the USA there will be no competition either, and with ATT "in bed" with Apple I highly doubt we will see much of a difference, it will launch down here as expensive or almost so.
  • Marc
    I will not be purchasing the Bold. I am a Verizon customer and will be patiently waiting for the Thunder to replace my Palm Treo 700p.
  • Kyle S.
    I'll buy it once it, or the Javelin, comes to T-Mobile. But at the rate things are going, my children will be using Bolds or Javelins before I do (I am 18 with no children).
  • JerryD
    If I had the cash or someone else was paying - I'd get it in a heartbeat.

    Unfortunately I'm stuck waiting until it's released by AT&T at which point I'll be able to get my company to upgrade me to it for free. That will happen the day it's available!!!
  • Dale
    I will get the bold. I spent more then this for PDAs in the past, and the Bold is more capable then they are. Additionally I'll buy it to lock myself into the 6gb deal in case Rogers backslides on data plans in the future.
  • M to the K
    Yup, still getting the Bold. I have a good corp plan, so I will save 100 off the upgrade price. Without that discount, I'd stick with my Curve and let RIM's Q3 earnings be damned.
  • Jeremy
    There are two things preventing me from buying the Bold. The price and the camera. Where I work, camera phones aren't allowed. I'll have to stick with my 8820 for a bit longer.
  • John Hall
    $399.00 what do they think they have, keep it I will wait for the $99.00 price and maybe I will wait for the Thunder
  • JonV
    Hellz no! Are you kidding me? At that price. I got life stuff to pay for. My Curve is good enough for another year.
  • roman411
    "BlackBerry Bold or if $50 for the Pearl 8220 sounds a lot more enticing"?


    Sticking with my 8310. Damn reliable and still has GPS.
  • Paul Woods
    My curve with 4.5 is all I need reight now. I'm holding out for the storm or javelin. The Bold is just now my cup of tea.
  • Bla1ze

    Don't start your praises yet, you still haven't got an official price point yet from AT&T...and AT&T is just as greedy as Rogers..the only thing you won't have to deal with is a 3 year contract.
  • Bla1ze
    $399.99 is kinda crazy pricing put into comparison with the iPhone of course, but if you look at rogers line up the 88XX series devices are still running at $399.99 as well, kinda crazy since the 8800 has been out forever, when I bought my curve on Rogers it was $299.99...I was NOT willing to pay that either, but this is why Rogers has a customer relations and retention department...Rogers customer are placed in a "Tier"...The more money you spend monthly the more eligible you are to get discounted equipment, pretty standard procedure across all carriers..in the end my $299.99 was dropped down too $149.99, so it may take a lil pushing and pulling with Rogers..but if they are not willing to budge on the pricing ...they can keep it, i've waited this long for it...what's another 6 months..besides..in that time the Thunder will have hit Telus and maybe that will be more promisingly priced (doubt it) and then I'll say goodbye to Ted and his robbing ways.
  • Mike
    I've been waiting for the Bold since it was announced and this price disgusts me. Here I was, anticipating the phone because of it's amazing design and features, but now I'm going to have to pass because Rogers is greedy. With the onslaught of GSM providers soon to hit the Canadian market you think they'd be open to lowering the hardware price and having more people sign a 3-year contract. Sure this phone may be meant for corporate customers, but with this price, they've just scared off a lot of potential business. I'll stick with my current phone and wait for the other GSM providers - thank you.
  • Randy
    God Bless America, but God help Canada to put up with them! Finally a little love for the USA and the Bold! Now if the dollar keeps getting stronger by the time Bold arrives at our shores it will only be $299. As Lady Liberty says give us your tired, your sick, and [the Bold will make you] poor.
  • Shaun Rotman
    I don't think I'll be jumping so quickly to get the Bold at this price. The phone looks cool but with the upcoming Javelin I'm starting to wonder if RIM will surprise us the a 3G version in the coming months like they screwed me over by releasing the Curve with GPS only 6 weeks after getting the base 8300 model.

    Also, how much is RIM selling the Bold to Rogers for!? I'd imagine the two companies are tight considering they operate down the road from one another, so how can Aussie carriers announce they're giving the phones away for practically nothing on contract and Rogers asks for $400!?

    The only thing I can think of is their replacement program. No one seems to ever talk about that. With Rogers you can call in UP TO A YEAR (and in some cases even longer than that) after getting your BB and they'll replace it if need be at no cost to you! I'm on my 3rd Curve now and hasn't cost me a thing. So I'm sure I'm paying for that somehow. Maybe through the device fee.

    All I know is that at $400 a pop it seems like Rogers is purposely trying to aim this phone at corporate customers who are willing to pay this kind of price, even though there may be a larger demographic that wants it.

    It's a shame though. This could have been the device that coupled with the 6GB plan would actually bring on board new users to mobile data and now they will be discouraged right off the bat due to hardware fees...
  • Matt
    Want to stick it to Rogers? Go on eBay and buy an unlocked Pearl or Curve and then buy the 6gb for $30/month data plan. Hands down the best deal you can get right now from Rogers and it's only around for a couple more weeks.

    Mind you.. you could always take advantage of the 3G iPhone (which takes advantage of the same 6gb plan).

    Maybe we'll see RIM pull an Apple and tell Rogers to lower rates?..
  • Ian
    $399 for a BlackBerry Bold WITH A CONTRACT! Remember thats how much the RAZR used to cost without a contract!

    Comon Rogers, show us BlackBerry lovers some actual love and put it to $299 like you do with the rest of the big new BlackBerry launches.

    Gotta love it. If you want the Bold on a contract, its going to cost you your left nut. If you want it without the contract, it will cost you both!
  • Supermartin
    The beauty is, Rogers has you right where they want you. If you want the best, ante up buttercup and buy the Bold, if you defect to the dark side.....sucks to be you, Rogers happily sells you an iphone. Do you think they care if you Bold or iphone?
    If you like all the perks that come with carrier supported phones, and you want the latest, you will soon be bending over and taking it from Rogers one way or another. LOL
  • Martin
    I wonder how RIM feels about something like this…in other countries they’ve been giving away the Bold. Why would RIM allow a company like Rogers price their product at $100 over an iPhone. At the current pricing that is not going to encourage anybody to go to a Bold. At $275 I was going to upgrade. Now I might as well get an iPhone. No wonder the company I work at is wanting to switch carriers.
  • Justin
    Forget the Bold! Buy an iPhone now! that's a $200 difference between the two phones. I think RIM needs to fire whoever is letting Rogers charge this much!
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