Rogers accidentally lists BlackBerry 8220 in game deck


If you’re still holding your breath for the new flip BlackBerry Pearl, it’s clear that Rogers is setting the stage for a launch real soon, now that the BlackBerry 8220 is listed on their game deck. The BlackBerry 8220 has been rumored to be out on Rogers sometime in mid-September, which would be backed up by this little slip-up. Whether or not the Kickstart will be subjected to a big push for gaming remains to be seen, but if that BlackBerry multiplayer platform comes to fruition, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

(via MobileSyrup)

2 Responses to “Rogers accidentally lists BlackBerry 8220 in game deck”

  1. 1 Lewis

    What’s missing in that list is the 8120! (Remember the Pearl with wifi and UMA?)

    No doubt, this is just a typo, and the model number is actually supposed to be 8120.

  2. 2 Simon Sage

    I wouldn’t be so sure, Lewis. After applying a filter for the BlackBerry 8110, there are plenty of games that show up, but none for the BlackBerry 8220. If the code still pointed to the 8120 and it was just a typo in the drop-down menu, then filtering for it should have turned up some results.

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