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Version 2.0.13 of WorldMate Live has been released, now letting you book hotels right from your BlackBerry. If you haven’t tried it, WorldMate Live is a great travel app that helps you sort out all of your arrangements, such as flights, accommodation, rentals, maps, weather, and itineraries all under one roof. A free version is available, but for the real sweet stuff, you’ll want to look into their Gold subscription service, which unlocks flight status-checking, travel directory, and flight alerts. This new hotel-booking feature sounds great, but it would be really nice if they could plug into Google’s recent transit search so you could figure out bus times in foreign cities. The last update included a feature which let you know if your plans overlapped with any contacts, which was certainly a cool change of pace. If you’re interested in giving the free version of WorldMate Live a shot, head on over to

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  • Jon Michaeli
    Hi there, Josh.

    I'm VP, Marketing for WorldMate. We do have a monthly recurring subscription, which costs $10/mo. Just click on the "Go Gold" button in the application, and you will see this option. Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Safe travels!
    Jon Michaeli
  • Josh Lloyd
    I love this software. I'm planning a business trip to Austin, TX, and I'm using this program for appointments and flight schedules. Unfortunately this program is geared toward the daily traveler. I only travel a few times a year, and the Gold price just isn't worth it. It'd be nice if there was some way of getting a temporary account, like a per-trip charge. Or a 1-month at a time charge.

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